Fergburger, Queenstown | New Zealand

Want to try something different when you go the Southern part of New Zealand?! This burger shop is not just your ordinary burger store. There is something different about this store that people who come and visit Queenstown are patiently waiting and queuing for almost an hour just to taste this heaven burger.

Note: They don’t have any other store, yes they only have one store which is located in Queenstown.


Ferburger started in 200o as “HOLE IN THE WALL” burger joint. Its location was weird, in dark and ignominious cow lane. There was virtually nothing back in those days drunk people had begun eating their own clothes and also scrap firewood left on the road. Ferg became distressed when he saw this. He stood on the skyline mountain and decreed: “Let there be burgers for the people to eat when they are drunk to hell”.


This site became very well known and despite the odd scuffle and many ‘chips for tits’ moment’s life became much better for the burger-loving people of Queenstown. In fact, Ferg and his people came to love the people right back. This love was shown in Ferg’s desire to make lovely juicy burgers for the people.


Ferburger almost has 30 different types of burgers on their menu. Some of them are the typical hamburgers, they also have exotic variations such as lamb burger, cod burger, falafel burger and a venison burger.



We ordered the famous Ferburger which costs $11.50 (this was 2013). The burger is so huge that a normal eater can’t even finish it. The ingredients inside the burger were New Zealand’s prime beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, aioli and tomato relish.



Our order was given to us in a span of 15 minutes. We also queued for almost 15-20 minutes and it is worth the wait. The burger shop is open 21 hours in a day and operates 7 days.

Are you planning on visiting Queenstown, New Zealand?! Don’t forget to drop by the famous Fergburger. Here are the details that may help you

ADDRESS: 42 Shootover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

PHONE NUMBER: +64 3-441 1232 / +64 3-441 3528

EMAIL ADDRESS: admin@ferburger.com

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