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Every people who want to go to Bacolod must visit this stunning mansion in Talisay City. People will definitely love the view. This mansion was built in the early 1900’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson.

I went to Bacolod last January 2014. My primary reason of traveling is to experience it solo but things do change. My friend who was from Cadiz, Bacolod contacted me and told me that I can sleep in their house (so free transportation, food, and hotel it is).


Like a kid who gets their present, I am as if like a kid too. As soon as I step foot on the airport I already wanted to go and explore the beautiful city. Some say it is known for its chicken inasal, a food lover might enjoy living here.


This ruins was developed by Raymund Javellana one of Don Mariano’s children last May 2007 and it was officially opened to the public as a tourist attraction last January 2008.


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The mansion was built in the early 1990’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) and was home to his unmarried children and his first wife, Maria Braga Lacson (+1911), a Portuguese from Macau. The mansion was the largest residential structure ever built at that time and had in it one of the finest furniture, chinaware, and decorative items, as the father of Maria Braga was a captain of the ship that sailed to Europe and Asia and would cart with him these items. One of their daughters maintained a beautiful garden of lilies in and around the 4-tiered fountain fronting the mansion, all brought from abroad.


Their sons were the ones who supervised the construction of the mansion, making sure that the cement used was an A-grade mixture of concrete and it is precisely followed.


The mansion was burnt during the World War II to prevent the Japanese soldiers in making it as a headquarters. It took days to bring down the fire of the roof and two-inch wooden floors.


Until this day this beautiful mansion is still standing tall amidst of the sugar plantation and continue to amaze all local and foreign tourists.


Up to date, this ruins is still viewed by many tourists even if it is located inside the sugar plantation and far from the highway. As years go by, the entrance fee is increasing. My friend who is living in Bacolod told me that she experiences Php 200.00 entrance fee when the attraction is not yet fully opened to the public. As of January 27, 2014, the entrance fee is Php 80.00 or $2 USD.




Inside the ruins you can also try their restaurant. They offer Italian food, so you can drop by anytime to try their yummy dishes.


They also have these giant chess, mini golf that I think you can play with, and grotto.


By the way, the tricycle driver who drove us inside was the one who also drove us back to the city because tricycles are only limited (we took the tricycle instead of the private vehicle). No words can describe the feeling of being in Bacolod and seeing the ruins with your own two eyes. Indeed one of the best ruins. Still the original structure since Don Mariano built this in 1900.

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