I Left My Heart at Disneyland | Hongkong

Disneyland, one of the best theme parks in the universe is really never too old for everybody. It was only a dream for me to step my very feet on the entrance (yes, this is true). I can imagine myself saying just only the entrance and I’m all good. Being one of the top tourist destination in Asia, Hong Kong definitely has a lot to offer, from their authentic Chinese cuisine, theme parks and a lot more.


So we went to Hong Kong together with my Aunt. We got the tour package at Shadows Travel and Tours. This package includes hotel flight, airfare, tours, and the ever famous Disneyland. Just in time for the parade, we sat in front of the bakery store to secure our beautiful view for the show even the heat will never stop us. The parade includes all the characters of the Disney from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, the famous Princesses and a lot more.

Flights of Fantasy

Before trying the rides, we finished the parade first. Watching them is really enticing in the eyes. Lots of talented people who barred to do it under the scourging heat of the sun for the sake of performance. We enjoyed, literally and figuratively speaking! Indeed it is the happiest place on earth. After enjoying the parade, we went to try the different attractions this Disneyland has to offer. Everyone is asking us if we really tried the rides, of course, we did! Not even a single roller coaster is missed but due to lack of time, only a limited number of rides was tried.

This type of ride is a slow one. Kids will definitely enjoy what’s inside of this castle. Along with the children singing the song “It’s a small world after all”, you will also get to experience how to be a kid again.

It is really a small world
It is really a small world

The slow motions ride for kids was not being escaped from our adventurous side. Orbitron is a ride for all ages and suitable for any heights. Even the thrilling roller coaster was been tried! There are a lot of rides to choose from, you only have to set your time management skills so you can do it all. Mind you that we went inside the park around 11 AM already so it is quite late already.

Hong Kong Disneyland is really one hell of a ride. From the show to the rides and to the spectacular fireworks before the park closes at night.  The fireworks will last for 15 minutes and you will only be amazed at how they put it all together.When watching the fireworks make sure to be there at least 15 minutes before the show for there will be a huge crowd waiting for it. This is the one thing we took for granted. We were enjoying with the roller coasters but forgot to take a good spot for the fireworks. After the fireworks, the shuttle already picked us up and drop us in our hotel.



Price for the Disneyland tickets may vary. You can check their website here. Guests 18 years old and below must have their guardians or parents with them.

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