Bab Al Yam, The Luxury Buffet | Dubai

Burj Al Arab means Tower of the Arabs in English. It is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This building stands on an artificial island and it is connected to Jumeirah beach.


Every people I think have their own comfort zone. For me, my comfort place was Bab Al Yam of Burj Al Arab. I don’t know what’s in their food but I’m already addicted. Not only that I have the discount to say it is my comfort place but because it gives me so much joy to see people happy whenever they are entering this golden hotel. I also love how they put all different kinds of cuisine on the menu, be it a salad, a selection of cheese, dessert, and ICE CREAM (we do always scream for this one right?) and a lot more.


Even the simplest detail of the event, they will make sure that you will go home happy and have a memorable one. Bab Al Yam suits every occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries and to proposing a marriage to your loved one (yes they can arrange it for you).

Here is our few reasons why we love Bab Al Yam:


Being located in Burj Al Arab you will say that it will be expensive. To my point of view, if you are earning a pretty decent salary here in Dubai you will actually afford to dine in Bab Al Yam.


The staff is just so caring, bubbly, kind and entertaining. Right from the start, they will give you a quick glance of the buffet section before seating and it is actually a good one. They will also ask you from time to time if the food is okay, what else do you need and what else do you want. They will also change your cutleries often.



Food in Bab Al Yam always changes. I love going here at lunch time because you will see the beauty of the hotel. It is also relaxing to see the water with a nice view. Food choices here is a lot. When I say a lot I really mean it. My favorite of their food is the Rib Eye Steak.


Dining in Bab Al Yam never gets so boring because of the relaxing waves of the ocean. With its nice ambiance, nice interiors and a good view of the beach you will definitely enjoy your food even more.




Have I told you that they offer wines that you can’t find in any other store? You will also love how they do their smoothies to set your standards of living a healthy life while on vacation. From white wines to red and even the delicious champagnes.

Healthy smoothies = Kiwi + Mango + Strawberry


Imagine not seeing your favorite mash potato on the menu and yet you still crave for it, so the thing is you can ask the chef to do it for you and they will really do it. They will really attend to your needs and wants. Ask them and they will do it just for you.

Bab Al Yam is now my favorite buffet on my list. From its fresh bread, salads, and a wide range of healthy smoothies and add the staff which will make it more hassle-free. Come and reserve your lunch so you will know why it holds my heart dearly.


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  1. We have a breakfast reservation at Bab Al Yam – can someone clarify whether or not people with this specific reservation will still have a chance to look around the lobby of the Burj al Arab?

    1. Yes you can still see the lobby but not the rooms 🙂

  2. Im obliged for the blog.Really thank you! Great.

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