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So sorry for updating this blog just now. I have been busy with form signing for Burj Al Arab lately and include this busy schedule at work and kitchen training. Superwoman!

Le Meridien is far from the city of Fujairah but it will be all worth the travel hours. Located at ground floor of Le Meridien Al Aqah, views will give you wide array of choices from Western, Indian, Arabic and European. Views restaurant is not just your ordinary fine dining to-go place. It is a combination of fine dining and buffet rolled into one. You heard it correctly, you can do buffet or choose a la carte if you just wanted a simple and classy meal.


So hubby and I decided to try their A la Carte menu on the first day and ditch the normal buffet which people going crazy about. The staff here is really friendly and have a nice service.

On the first-night hubby ordered Lamb Chops. This is a prime Australian lamb chops with roasted potatoes, spring vegetables, and mint crumbs. This dish is to die for. For meat lovers like the both of us, we really preferred our meat “medium rare” because we wanted to preserve the juiciness and aroma of the meat. Back to business, their lamb is soft, perfect with a nice choice of red wine, and it is juicy. The potatoes and asparagus are the perfect combinations of the meat.

You tell me that it’s really medium rare.

So I ordered salmon steak which includes wilted baby spinach, spring vegetables, and fennel saffron nage. I don’t know what’s with salmon that it is my favorite till now. Their salmon steak is cooked to perfection and it compliments with saffron sauce and asparagus is soft and chewy. Overall I love this the most.

Who would not love this food?

We also tried other foods like this Oriental Mixed Grill which includes lamb chops, lamb kebab, and kofta. It was okay, I like the lamb chops and lamb kebab. The combination of lamb chips and kebab is good but hope they will remove the kofta and replace a new one. Maybe I’m just a little bias with the lamb chops!

14Bucatini “Puttanesca” style with prawn is love. I love how they cook the pasta just the perfect way. Ingredients include roasted garlic prawns, olives, capers, chilies, anchovies, tomatoes, extra olive oil, white wine, and fresh herbs. The only thing I don’t like is that they put a lot of chilies. Overall it was excellent. They did not control the number of pawns (yes I counted it all and it is 8 in total).


Sea Bass includes pan-seared sea bass, wilted fennel, roasted potatoes, olives, and tomatoes. Imagine how they can turn a simple dish to elegant one?! Real food lovers will understand how plating will do its work when serving it to the guest.


COD Fish and Chips is the normal fries and fish that you get from outside, but what makes it different from the other restaurants offering it is that they cooked it perfectly and you cannot taste oil too much in it.


Before leaving you with this wonderful foods, we also tried their signature eclairs given by the Marketing Manager of Le Meridien themselves.

For more information and other food offerings, you may contact them with the details below:

Telephone Nos.: 09 2444514 / 09 244 9000

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