The Higher The Dosage The Better: Rice Overdose | Abu Dhabi

It is cold outside and you know it is nice to have a decent bowl of creamy soup with some authentic Filipino dishes. I remember asking hubby if where we can find a nice and legit Filipino restaurant here in Abu Dhabi with a limited budget only. Yet soon enough we saw a friend who posted this on social media. After knowing the location and found out that it is just a few minutes away from hubby’s house, we agreed that we must try this out. Who would have taught that Abu Dhabi got so many Filipino restaurants in the city, just have the courage to try different things and explore your taste buds?

Just when we thought that no one can ever do justice in a legit Filipino dish, we were extremely wrong. Rice Overdose located in Twin Tower Building, Hamdan (opposite road of Sun and Sands), Abu Dhabi will give you nice vibes with their nice restaurant.

Entering the restaurant is all the staff that will greet you and the cashier area. The staff will then direct you to your seat and give you the menu (which was put on a chopping board). Another twist of this restaurant is that you either eat with your bare hands with plastic gloves or a spoon and fork (above all, we Filipinos definitely love to eat with our hands right?).

The T-bone steak

The food that hubby ordered is T-bone steak with rice (you can pick from adobo, binagoongan, garlic and plain rice). The rice for me doesn’t compliment the steak, I guess we just need to go with the usual plain rice (sorry babe). So for me, I went with their platter which includes your choice of rice, noodles, main dish and a soup. The platter was okay and the meat was tender except for the noodles.

The more the merrier

Note: All soup and extra rice will be in a mason jar, isn’t nice?. They really twisted everything.

We also tried their Nutella and Ferrero Milkshake to compliment with the food that we ate but we are totally wrong. I just don’t want how sweet their milkshake (I hope they will reduce this on our next visit) is but overall it is worth the budget.

From the tagline itself, they are offering unlimited rice with different sets of Filipino dishes. So are you ready to get a high dosage of rice tonight? Come and visit them to try different dishes that suit your cravings.

As of this posting, some prices might increase because we dine in the restaurant last year, for more updated menu and prices just visit their Facebook account or contact them at 056 643 9656. They are open from 7:00 AM till 11:00 PM.

Note: This post is not paid/sponsored by the management of Rice Overdose and has been paid by Piggybeartravels themselves. If you have some deals just email us at

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