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Maldives, as we all know, is very popular for its water bungalows, pristine beaches and perfect for honeymooners. It is a small country compose of atolls. They are quite known for this. Visiting Maldives, one must check first the weather forecast because it might rain during your visit. Maldives is just breathless and will leave you wanting to stay more.

The cutest visa sticker

While visiting this country, some nationalities will not be required to apply for a visa. For Filipinos, they are allowed to enter the premises of Maldives for 30 days granting a visa upon arrival. Easy-peasy right, but some immigration officers will require you for the following (some will just ask for your passport if you are lucky enough just like us):

1. Passport – at least 6 months valid before coming to the desired destination. Better check everything before booking a flight and accommodations before regretting it.
2. Hotel Accommodations – a booking/ confirmation that will prove that you have a hotel to stay when going to their country.
3. Tickets – roundtrip ticket is necessary, they might think you will be staying in their premises for good, or looking for a job.

The famous water bungalows

Maldives is just 4-5 hours away from Dubai. This is the new destinations for Filipino people nowadays. Pristine beaches, white sand, water bungalows, and friendly people that’s all about the beautiful Maldives. Remember to visit it before it will be gone forever. I promise you that it will all be worth every peso/ dirhams that you spend.


1. There are a lot of flights nowadays that goes to Maldives. Air Asia is the cheapest one. Fly Dubai also is the cheapest airline in Dubai. It is just a matter of patience when booking your flights. You should book at least six weeks prior to your desired flights.
2. Connecting flight is the best and cheapest option if you are travelling on a tight budget and you got to relax as well in one country. Better yet try having a longer transit hours so you can visit other country.
3. Make sure to change your money to USD first (you might end up like us, we did not know that they are not changing DHS to USD lucky we have a friend who is so kind). Better to check the currency that they are using, but for Maldives, they are using USD in all transactions as well.
4. Make sure to book some hotel accommodations from the farthest atoll, it is the cheapest. As well as book a hostel or the 2 star hotel, it will lessen your cost and it is the most affordable.
5. Some water bungalows hotel offer a free day tour and access to their hotel facilities with a free buffet lunch, make sure to check with your guide. We did this at Cinnamon Dhonveli, and it is just the same with in-house guests the only difference is that you are only on a day tour.

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