The Hidden Beauty of Tinago Falls, Iligan City | Lanao Del Norte

I remember when I was still a child, I was fascinated with beaches and falls and I constantly remember those geography classes that we had in our elementary days. Those picturesque landscapes that show the rich and beautiful place that is the Philippines.

Once upon a time, they have their own event area but did not last.

In this post, I will share with you the beauty of one of the Philippine falls which I have visited in Mindanao. Tinago Falls in Iligan City is just a few hours drive away from Cagayan De Oro city, where I was participating in a conference, so we grabbed the chance to see it with our own eyes along with the famous Maria Christina Falls. We rented a minivan and paid for the fare which is much cheaper than going solo.

Trivia: According to people, Tinago Falls was once a beautiful resort with a mini zoo, cottages, and two swimming pools but it was not maintained properly that is why they discontinued operating it. So it was left with just the cottages and the falls itself.

The swimming pool that was not maintained.

“Tinago” is a Filipino word which means “hidden” in English. Coming to this place, you need to register your name, contact number and place a small donation for the people who are securing and maintaining the place (and also for the use of bamboo craft). After writing the said details, you need to pay PHP 20.00 for your life jacket, thereafter, you will be guided by the people on where to go next. One must need to trek approximately 500-600 steps in a staircase in order to view the falls. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted as you will take a long and winding staircase! In the end, you will surely be a relieved and you can tap yourself for a job well done.

After seeing the falls you will be astonished by the view and the sound of the birds around the premises. You can also hop on a wooden bamboo that will bring you under the falls itself. It gives you a fresh feeling to just dip in the cold water and enjoy the falls’ gushing flow of water.

Diving and cliff jumping in the falls are allowed but you have to take the risk because the caretakers will not be liable for any accidents caused during your visit. Just be careful and mind your own steps, too, as the premises are slippery. Swimming is only for those people who really know how to swim for the water is quite deep.

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