Dine: Aloft Hotel, Abu Dhabi | Food Review

It was cloudy Friday night and we just came from the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Who else would not love to eat after a tiring day of walking? Tired feet, dizzy head, and a grouchy stomach, these have made us decide to eat a lot to recharge our feebled bodies. Since Filipinos are known to eat and feast when they’re hungry, who would not love to enjoy a great buffet, right? And there’s no better place to go and have a sumptuous dinner buffet than at Dine: Aloft Hotel.

Trivia: Aloft is a member of SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest). You can have a 10% discount if you are a member. It really pays to sign up for a membership (especially when you are on a tight budget)!

When we entered the hotel lobby, nobody told us where the restaurant was (and we also didn’t know that we were already in the lobby). So we decided to go with our instinct and pressed level 1 from the lift (from the hotel entrance, just go straight and you will see it directly) and we were right in front of it after we went out of the lift. Dine at Aloft offers a lot of cuisines each day. Friday night buffet is International Day. They also offer breakfast and lunch buffets. We expected a nice and delicious dinner buffet but I think my expectations were too high at that time (I guess?). I felt a bit disappointed that the main dishes were not enough for my palette. Still, I enjoyed some of their dishes. The good side though is that the buffet comes with unlimited coffee, tea, water, soda, and juices. Not bad at all!

nice and generous choices of breads

To start my buffet experience at Dine, I glanced first on the counter to check all the dishes and grabbed a plate to start my food verdict. They have a lot of options for appetizers, so it is nice to see some of my favorites served at the buffet table. The only bad thing is that they run out of some dishes quickly like my favorite mushroom.

eggplant, mushrooms, chips and a lot more

If you are a vegetarian, cheese, and bread lover you will also have a lot of choices to choose from. They have a live cooking station beside the pasta section which I basically did not like that much. I asked the chef to cook me a carbonara but handed me a pasta with ham, egg, and cheese and it was so dry.

cheese! cheese! who can’t say no?

Main dishes are okay but they only have around 3-5 dishes. I hope that in our next visit, they will at least gradually add and change some dishes.

For dessert lovers, they have more or less six kinds of sweets to choose from. Cheesecakes, tarts, tiramisu, creme caramel, lemon meringue cake, and pies. I love their chocolate tart, as it was not too sweet. The red velvet was also just the right on its texture but it doesn’t go well with the raspberry (in my opinion only). Of all the desserts, my favorite was the chocolate tart, it was not too sweet and have just the right amount of chocolate on it.

For AED 120.00, the price is just right as this already included the drinks and taxes. The service and ambiance were nice and they have a staff who were so kind, particular to every detail and were very attentive.

Location: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
We only know how to use the taxi on getting there (will update the blog once we will know how to get there by bus). It is located a few minutes away from Grand Mosque so you can try and dine there after your visit.

Telephone Number: (+971)(2) 654 5000 / +971 2 654 5120

Note: This post is not paid/sponsored by Aloft Hotel/ Starwood Management and has been paid by Piggybeartravels themselves. The above posting is based on what we saw and tried by ourselves. If you have some deals just email us at piggybeartravels@gmail.com

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