Burger Joint, NYC | Food Review

Burger Joint @ Nation Galleria

Burgers are growing in popularity in the UAE. If you are in Abu Dhabi and wanting to taste the best and juiciest burger then New York Burger Joint is the place to be. piBurger Joint has only one branch in Abu Dhabi and it is located in the first level of Nation Galleria.


Upon entering the place you will discover that it is not your usual burger fast food chain. The ambiance is reminiscent of the New York neighborhood and has its influence on the daily life of the city of New York.

The place is filled with graffiti and pictures of iconic Hollywood celebrities but apart from the hipster and urban design, the quality of food is what stands out in this Burger Joint.


They serve the usual beef burger and cheeseburger and some additional choices that will satisfy your cravings. Then you will have to pick what you want to put in your burgers such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. They also have some add-ons like jalapenos, bacon and or extra beef patty. It is also a must to try one of their sides which is the cheese fries. They also serve mojitos and fresh juices or you can just go with the usual unlimited soda.


The restaurant itself is fully served by an attentive crew and you won’t get a hard time calling them when you need help.


1. From Al Wahda Mall you need to take Bus 32 and drop at NATION TOWER then walk around for about 5-10 minutes.
Fare: AED 2.00

2. You may take the taxi but it will be much more expensive than taking the bus.
FARE: AED 12.00 (minimum fare)

Note: This post is not paid/sponsored by the management of Burger Joint NYC and has been paid by Piggybeartravels themselves. The above posting is based on what we saw and tried by ourselves. If you have some deals just email us at piggybeartravels@gmail.com

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  1. I love Abu Dhabi! I been there last year, I can’t wait to visit again!

    1. Come visit and lets meet!

  2. I could eat that burger right now, it looks yummy! I love the décor with the posters and graffiti too 🙂

  3. Very neat! The food looks good too.

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