Caleruega: Church on the Hill | Batangas

They say that when you’re close to nature, you’re close to God. Luckily, we have a well-known place in the Philippines that lets you experience spirituality and love of nature in one. The Calaruega Church is situated on a hill which is reminiscent of the places where religious orders practice ascetic lifestyle.

Caleruega is famous for tourist visits and wedding venues. Who would not want to have a solemn wedding here, right? The premises of the church is abundant of different kinds of flora, and the church itself speaks of antiquity dating back in the Spanish colonial times. Caleruega is also known for team buildings, praise and worship camp, and recollections for students.

Caleruega is a must place to visit especially when traveling to Tagaytay City or the province of Batangas. It boasts an idyllic picture while preserving the sanctity of the place. Who would have taught that we have a lot of beautiful churches here in the Philippines?


1. From Cubao ride a bus going to Pasay Terminal near MRT-Taft Station. Walk for about 10-15 minutes from the drop off point. (please note that as of this writing, we do not know if the buses in Pasay Terminal still exist)

2. From Pasay terminal ride again a bus bound to Nasugbu/ Calatagan Batangas and tell the conductor to drop you off at Hill Crest (formerly known as Evercrest Country Club).

3. From the drop-off point, you may ride a tricycle. You can arrange with the tricycle so that he will also pick you up after your tour. Just give him a call with your timings.


Entrance: 30.00 PHP
Parking Fee: Free

Note: This post is not paid/sponsored by the city government of Tagaytay and has been paid by Piggybeartravels themselves. The above posting is based on what we saw and tried by ourselves. If you have some deals just email us at



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  1. It is amazing to visit these monumental structures. I love to here the stories behind the church!

  2. Wow! I love Batangas, hope to go one day!

    1. Have you been in the Philippines? Thank you!

      1. I am a Filipina too, from Cebu here just based in Japan now😊

        1. Yay! Nice to see Filipino people across the globe. To more travels.

  3. looks beautiful I would love to visit.

    1. Thank you! Come visit Philippines soon.

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