Dairy Queen, World Trade Center | Food Review

Dairy Queen, also known as DQ, is an American ice cream parlor and fast-food chain. The first store was located in Illinois, USA and opened in the year 1940. DQ is popular for their blizzard – a soft-serve ice cream mixed with ingredients such as cookies, brownies, or candy and blended together then presented to you up-side-down. (if the ice cream falls off, then it’s free for your next visit!)

They only have two branches across Abu Dhabi which are located in Yas Mall and World Trade Center.


FRIES – I love how they cook their fries. Not too oily and just the right amount of salt added into it. It is also good even without the ketchup.

BURGERS – they have a wide range of burgers but Swiss Mushroom Portabella is my favorite, with its creamy sauce, you will definitely fall in love with it too.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – I also recommend this one. The ingredients are all fresh and the chicken was indeed crispy.

1 LB Flame Thrower Grill Burger

BLIZZARDS – DQ is very known for this one. My favorite is the cookies and cream. Don’t forget that they should show it to you upside.

Famous Blizzard

Mango Sundae


Since the WTC branch is only a food stall inside a food court, they have only limited service but it’s definitely the standard of a fast-food chain.


1. From Al Wahda Mall, you’ll need to take Bus 54 and drop off at World Trade Center. From there you need to take the underpass and walk for about 5-15 minutes towards World Trade Center Mall.
Fare: 2 AED

2. From Najda Street you’ll need to take Bus 63 and drop off at World Trade Center. From there you need to cross just the opposite side and walk for about 2-5 minutes towards World Trade Center Mall.
Fare: 2 AED

3. You can also take a taxi and drop you at either location although this is the most expensive choice.
Fare: Minimum 12 AED

Please do come on Mondays because they have a 50%-off discount for all their menu. Yes, it is half the price for burgers, blizzards and ice creams. (what more can you ask for?)

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  1. DQ has improved so much on the food. My kids love the ice cream!

  2. How cool! I had no idea Dairy Queen was international!

    1. Really? They are international since I can remember.

  3. I think Iā€™d order the grilled chicken sandwich & mango sundae šŸ¤—šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼. The pics are so tempting!

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