Seattle’s Best Coffee: New Menu Launch | Food Review

Seattle’s Best Coffee is an American coffee shop that is based in Seattle, Washington. In Dubai, Seattle’s Best has a new food menu offering to its customers. Hubby and I were given the chance to taste it last November 11, 2017. It was a good time to relax and enjoy their wide array of food and it was also a great opportunity for us to try one of the most world-renowned coffee shops – to experience their unique flavors was truly amazing!


Their new menu has decent servings and the quality of food is a thumb up for us. There are few things we really loved which were the following:

Glorious Shrimp Caesar Salad

Glorious Shrimp Ceasar Salad – the shrimps were cooked perfectly. I loved the freshness of the vegetables coupled with the soft texture of the shrimps. I just don’t like the combination of salad and cheese, it is not my taste. Overall it was 4/5.

Gourmet Philly Steak Sandwich

Gourmet Philly Steak – I loved this one. The tenderness of the Philly Steak that was used is so fantastic! I recommend this to consume when it is still hot because of the steak. The cheese that was used also compliments the flavor of the steak. Overall it was 5/5.

Loaded Crab Sandwich

Loaded Crab Sandwich – who would have thought that you can put crabs in a sandwich? The strands of crab meat that was placed in our sandwich were fully loaded and it was so chewy. The overall texture of the bread used in all of our sandwiches was perfect.


We also tried their new javaluka and both of us loved what we chose. Their coffee hazelnut javaluka is the bomb for me and hubby says that their caramel coconut javaluka has a perfect blend and is worth every dirham.even though he does not love sweet drinks too much.

Chocolate Hazelnut Javaluka


The service was okay. I salute their waiter for attending to all our needs every time we ask for something. They are very warm-hearted and you can see the smile in their hearts. You can really tell that they love what they are doing.


1. From Ibn Battuta Metro Station, you’ll need to ride the Metro to Dubai Internet City. From there you need to take the F35 Bus and drop off the next bus stop and walk for about 5 minutes towards Grosvenor Business Tower.
Fare: 3 AED

2. From Ibn Battuta Metro Station, you’ll need to ride the Metro to Dubai Internet City. From there you need to walk opposite of the exit of the metro station and walk for about 10-15 minutes towards Grosvenor Business Tower.
Fare: 2 AED

3. You can also take a taxi and drop you at either location although this is the most expensive choice.
Fare: Minimum 12 AED

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