Armenia | How To Apply for Visa

Armenia is located in West Asia which is bordered by Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. It is also a country which allows us Filipinos to obtain a visa upon arrival or e-visa. A lot of Filipinos are afraid to travel to different countries because they might get denied or there are so many visa requirements but worry not since Armenia’s visa policies are relaxed and very tourist-friendly.

Applying for Visa upon Arrival

Armenia Visa valid up to stay of 21 days.
  1. Exchange your USD to Armenian Dram at Conversebank situated near the Visa Payment station.
  2. Queue and wait for your turn to be called by the immigration officer at the Visa Payment station.
  3. State how long your days of visit in Armenia (e.g. 4 days), write it on a piece of paper that they will give and sign it.
  4. Wait for them to stick your visa on your passport.
  5. Pay the amount of 3,000 DRAM/ $6.00 / PHP 3,000.00 and your good to go. Viola, you have now your visa!

Applying for E-VISA

  1. Visit
  2. Check if you are eligible for a visa.

    photo grab from their website.
  3. Check your eligibility and type the information needed. You need to check your email and verify that you applied the e-visa.
    type all the necessary details needed.

  4. Answer all the questions with your personal information, the purpose of visit, duration of your stay.
  5. Pay via debit/ credit card.
  6. Wait for the approval that will be sent in your email and download it.

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  1. That’s such a helpful post. thank you for sharing xxx

    1. Your welcome 🙂 It is a nice place. You will enjoy for sure!

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