Armenia | Travel Guide, Itinerary and Budget

So as our wedding anniversary approached, I asked hubby if we can travel in another country and he said yes. We opted for Europe but it is quite expensive and we did not have enough time to process our visas so he said why not we try Armenia? So the searching began.

Armenia – or what they call in their language as “Hayastan” – is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

Wait! Where is Armenia exactly located again by the way? It is situated in West Asia, bordered by Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Armenia became an independent country in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. So, aside from their own language, Armenian people are also fluent in Russian.

Arch of Ararat

What we love about this country though is that it is visa upon arrival and has an amazing and gorgeous countryside. So why not add Armenia too to your next travel destination?

Armenia is a country with such beautiful historical places, amazing cuisine, rich culture, friendly and kind people. So let’s explore and try to see how cheap it is to travel there.


We scored a cheap deal at Air Arabia (this is not a sponsored post). For DHS 1944 we already had a two-way ticket, 20 kilos baggage, 3 nights hotel, taxes, and service charge. Take note, there are no direct flights from the Philippines to Armenia. You need to take Manila – Dubai and from Dubai take a flight going to Yerevan – Armenia’s capital. There’s also a flight from Sharjah Airport going to Yerevan.

Note: We suggest you check and subscribe to Air carriers and flight apps for you to receive amazing deals.


Try searching for cheap hotels. If you are not that picky and budget-friendly travel is your main, why not choose a 2-star hotel? After all you will spend most of your time exploring the place, you will only sleep there, right? You can find a lot in our website or just click this link —>

We stayed at Yerevan Deluxe Hotel which is a 2-star hotel which includes wifi and breakfast. They have an offer of DHS 114 for 2 persons with free hotel transfers.


Since the add-ons for our hotel transfer is quite expensive. We just opted to get a cab/ taxi which is much cheaper. Hotel transfer will cost you around DHS 220.00(roundtrip) whereas the cab is just about DHS 60.00 for a two-way trip.


We know that Philippine passport holders have a hard time to get visas to other countries, but with Armenia, you can go there and have a visa upon arrival or e-visa for only DHS 22.80 (you just need to change your dollars to Armenian Drams/AMD to pay the visa fees). No need for any documents or other requirements, just show your passport and tell how many days are you staying and your good to go. You can also get an e-visa. Just check if you are eligible here.

Armenia Visa valid up to stay of 21 days. You can also check how to apply for visa here.


We had a DIY tour for Armenia. I have searched the internet for 3-4 days for a good guide. I even searched for Hyur but it is quite expensive and you will be going with a lot of tourists. Lucky enough that our relative messaged me on facebook and told us about Artur. He is our guide in Armenia. He is a local, kind and a nice guide. He knows everything about Armenia and also takes good photos! Here are his details:

FB Account: Artur Mesropyan
Whats App: +374 91 584550

Elpin – an area in Southern Armenia where you can enjoy the sunrise.



1:40 PM – ETD from Sharjah International Airport
3:30 PM – ETA to Yerevan
3:40 PM – line up at Conversebank to exchange your USD to AMD
3:50 PM – line up for Visa upon arrival
4:30 PM – grab a taxi near the exit
5:00 PM – check in at the hotel; drop your bags
5:10 PM – take the taxi going to Republic Square
6:30 PM – take time roam around, buy souvenirs, & dinner at the Republic square.
8:30 PM – take the taxi and go back to the hotel.

Temple of Garni


7:00 AM – take a bath
8:00 AM – take your breakfast
9:30 AM – 7:30 PM – ready for your first tour

1. Mt. Ararat Arch
2. St. John the Baptist
2. Garni Temple
3. Geghard Monastery
4. Tsaghkadzor Ropeway
5. Kecharis Monastery
6. Lake Sevan and Lake Sevan Monastery

Tsaghkadzor Ropeway where you can play in the snow


6:00 AM – take a bath
7:30 AM – call time for the long tour
8:00 AM – 10:00 PM- it will be the Southern part of Armenia
– the tour includes the following:
1. Noravank Monastery
2. Khor Virap Monastery
3. Ararat Winery
4. Elpin – bonus tour
5. Tatev Monastery & Wings of Tatever

Areni Winery where you can enjoy the winery for yourself.


7:00 AM – take a bath
7:30 AM – pack your things
8:00 AM – breakfast at the hotel
9:00 AM – go back to room and tooth brush
9:30 AM – call time for your departure back to UAE
10:00 AM – check-in at the boarding gate
12:30 PM – ready for departure back to UAE

Note: This is only a sample Itinerary. You may opt to do it or just base it for your reference.


Expenses for 4 days and 3 nights for 2 persons.

Note: The tour is good for four people but we made it personalized for my husband and I.


* 1.00 USD = 483.00 AMD = 3.67 AED = 50.00 PHP
* Try to eat Gata, it is an Armenian bread which is made of flour, butter, milk, eggs, and walnuts.
* Eat also lavash, it is the national bread of Armenians which is made out of flour, water, and salt.
* The juciest and most delicious pork products we have ever tasted is in Armenia.
* Enjoy all the history, you will be amazed!
* The warmest months in Armenia are June, July, and August.
* The coolest month is January
* If you don’t like rain than don’t go during May because it is the season of rain in Armenia.


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  1. This is great post Vanessa Bago Lingan-Panaligan!
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    1. Thank you so much ate 🙂 God bless you always!

  2. Been wanting to visit Armenia, that winery looks heavenly!

  3. I’ve never considered visiting Armenia, but this post has caused me to reconsider. I love learning about and visiting countries/places with rich history, and a great deal of variety.

  4. This is a really useful and informative travel post. Nicely done. I keep hearing more and more about Armenia and I am really interested to visit!

    1. It is cheap and a nice country! Go and visit it soon!

  5. Oh wow! Fabulous post! You have a lot of useful information in here! Thank you. I will keep this in mind if we head to Armenia one day!

  6. You know that there is also a town called Armenia – in the beautiful coffee region in Colombia? I am European but I have never been to Armenia. However I have visited the town of Armenia in Colombia ☺️

    1. Nice to here this! I wish to visit Colombia soon.

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