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For those of you who have been following us on social media, you know now that food will always be part of our travels. So, we would not want to miss this opportunity to try some of the Armenian foods.

We believe that in traveling, one must try the local cuisine in order to completely understand the country. Here are some Armenian foods that we have tried:

My favorite from the food we tasted.

1. GATA – it is Armenia’s national bread – made out of sugar, butter, flour, eggs, and walnuts (what more can you ask for?). Even if it is exposed to so much air, you will still taste the crispiness of the bread.

2. LAVASH – it is an Armenian flatbread that is made out of little salt, flour, and water and baked in traditional ovens.


3. KHACHAPURI – although it is a Georgian dish, most Armenian’s also eat this. It is a bread topped with eggs, butter, and cheese. Eating it by your hands is the best way since you will be ripping the edges and dip it in the cheese.

Kebab with lavash, the most delicious kebab we have tasted so far.

4. LAVASH w/ KEBAB – in my entire life, I have tasted the best of the best kebabs only in Armenia. From the fresh herbs to the tenderness of the meat that was put inside the lavash, it is worth the try.

Pork BBQ and BBQ Potato.

5. PORK BBQ – in the Philippines, pork BBQ is very famous, not until you go to Armenia and try their pork bbq – it is juicy and soft and much better than its Philippine counterpart.

6. POTATO BBQ – no salt added, just a little amount of oil and grilled until it is soft and ready to eat.

7. KHASH – if you know Lomi or Bulalo in the Philippines, it is similar to this one but the difference is the noodles. Khash is eaten mostly in winter time in Armenia with dried lavash bread that is crumbled in the broth.

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  1. Khachapuri is so good!!!

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