The Bistro: Courtyard by Marriott | Food Review

Are you living near downtown Abu Dhabi? And are you also in search of your next buffet hunting? The Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott will give you some sumptuous variety of food with easy accessibility.

The Bistro is an all-day dining located on the first floor of the hotel. They serve buffet during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a la carte for 24 hours. Our experience in Bistro is quite okay.

Table set-up at Bistro

Tip: Every time we go on a lunch/dinner date, we search the website first so we will know what to order.

Bistro gave us a little bit of disappointment. Hubby looked up at their website and it said that they offer European cuisine but when we were already there, they served Asian and Arabic food. (Note: I am not a fan of spicy foods.)


The place was nice and well decorated. We still felt the essence of Christmas since we came there on the last day of the year. They have a lot of seating capacity for their guests which was a big surprise for us. They also have a private place for families who want to be seated at a secluded place.

Do you want to be seated right next to each other with your family?


The service was very warm and accommodating. They were very attentive. The staff’s and managers welcomed us with a smile. They really knew what they were offering, even the smallest detail.


I am a bit disappointed since I love European cuisine, (not that I don’t love Asian, but I think I am the only Asian girl who doesn’t love spicy foods. ) So they served mainly Indian, Chinese and Arabic food. They only have 4-5 choices of dish. They also offer rice.

Salad anyone?


The price was affordable since we used Entertainer voucher on that day. The offer was DHS 120.00 per person which included unlimited soda, water, and juices. For one person the price is just right.


They are located in Downtown of Abu Dhabi right beside them is World Trade Center. There are also a lot of shopping center across the place if you wanted to go shopping after.

Salad Bar

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