Bohol – Cebu | Travel Guide, Itinerary and Budget

As times goes by, all of our plans become reality if we are patient enough to wait. For us, the unending search for a good hotel, flights, and even tours truly paid off when we visited the beautiful island of Bohol. This was also memorable because we traveled together with our moms.

Bohol is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is also a province in the Philippines which is famous for white-sand beaches, diving spots, underwater life, and the Loboc River Cruise.

Bohol is a great place for foreign and even Filipino divers nowadays due to its crystal clear waters and a wide array of different fish species and aquatic life. With Boracay currently being closed, Bohol is the next option to go to though it lacks the former’s vibrant nightlife.


There are a lot of local airlines that offer cheap flights to and from Bohol. We scored a cheap flight from Air Asia (which by the way is my favorite airline to date). There’s no direct flight from Tuguegarao to Bohol so we went to Manila first. The Bohol flight is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away from the Manila.

Note: We suggest you check and subscribe to Air carriers and flight apps for you to receive amazing deals.


You can also try the ferries that travel to Bohol. You can hop on a 2GO ferry from Batangas to Bohol or from Manila Port to Bohol which will be a whole day travel if you want to experience it.

Tourist/ Open Air – 450.00
Airconditioned – 470.00
Contact #: 0925-714-4516




Trunkline: (+63 2) 528.7000





There’s a lot of airline carrier in the Philippines, you can click on the picture to search for more low cost fares.

Note: I am a huge fan of Airasia. Travelled to different provinces in the Philippines but our flight was only delayed twice. They are my preference when it comes to low-cost fares.



We stayed at Alona Bamboo House, Panglao Island. It is good for families and friends since they have cottages and a restaurant. The accommodation was also included in our tour package. We love the ambiance and view but most importantly the beach is only 3-minutes away from there.

Note: These accommodations are on a budget, if you want to book a high-end resort you can search at for more nice and luxury hotels.

Alona Bamboo House Hotel

Panglao Beach, Bohol
CP #: 0955-576-8793
Click here to book

Bamboo Divers Resort

Panglao Beach, Bohol
Telephone #: (038)5029005
Click here to book



Sunshine Village Resort 

Bolod, Panglao, Panglao, Bohol
CP #: 0915-8748-797
Click here to book


Hotel transfers were also included in our tour package. We got the tours, transfers, and accommodation at CEBU CAR AND RENTAL TOURS. You may contact Miss Maan, she is very accommodating and will answer your queries in a few minutes.

FB Account: Cebu Car Rental and Tours 
CP Nos: 0966 413 4951  / 0933 032 1118
Whats App: 0923 352 4438


I searched the internet for 3-4 days for a good guide/ tour operator and I found Miss Maan of CEBU CAR AND RENTAL TOURS. Their tour packages are one of the cheapest I’ve seen and it was a nice deal for our family. Here are their details:

FB Account: Cebu Car Rental and Tours 
CP Nos: 0966 413 4951  / 0933 032 1118
Whats App: 0923 352 4438



Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

2:00 PM – ETD from Manila International Airport (Terminal 4)
3:40 PM – ETA to Cebu International Airport
4:00 PM – pick up from the airport; drop to ferry port
6:00 PM – ETD of ferry bound to Tagbilaran, Bohol
6:15 PM – ferry pick up; bound to hotel
8:00 PM – check in at the hotel; drop your bags
8:30 PM – take a rest
9:30 PM – dinner
10:00 PM – sleep early for an early tour tomorrow.


Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines

5:00 AM – take a bath
5:30 AM – take your breakfast
6:00 AM – ready for your first tour

1. Snorkelling at Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary
2. Dolphin Watching
3. Island Hopping tour at Virgin Islands

This tour is only done half day. So you can have the rest of the day touring/ exploring Panglao by yourself.


Chocolate Hills

7:00 AM – take a bath
8:00 AM – breakfast
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM countryside tour
– the tour includes the following:
1. Blood Compact
2. Baclayon Church
3. Loboc River Cruise
4. Tarsier Sanctuary
5. Man Made Forest
6. Hanging Bridge
7. Chocolate Hills
8. Souvenir Shopping


7:00 AM – take a bath
8:00 AM – breakfast
9:00 AM – chill time
11:00 AM – 12:00PM – lunch
1:00 PM – pick up from hotel
– the tour includes the following:
1. Hinagdanan Cave
2. Dauis Church
3. Dauis Watch Tower
4. Shell Museum
5. Panglao Church
6. Bohol Bee Farm


4:00 AM – take a bath
5:00 AM – breakfast
6:00 AM – pick up and drop off to Tagbilaran Port
7:00 AM – ferry bound to Cebu
9:00 AM – breakfast
9:30 AM – start of tour
6:00 PM – drop off at Cebu Mactan International Airport
1. Magellan’s Cross
2. Sto. Niño Church
3. Fort San Pedro
4. Cebu Heritage Site
5. Sirao Flower Farm
6. Temple of Leah
7. 10,000 Roses


Expenses for 5 days & 4 nights


* 1.00 USD = 50.00 PHP
* Look for a cheap hotel since you are only staying there during night time.
* I suggest to book your flight a head of time to score cheap flights
* Subscribe to email subscription of airlines, in this case you can receive first hand all their sale/promo ads.
* Become a member for each airline like AirAsia, Cebu Pacific’s CEBGO and PAL Skymile to receive a lot of discounts.


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