Rock Fish, Jumeirah Al Naseem | Dubai

Jumeirah Al Naseem was built 2013 and took 3 years to complete. Al Naseem in English means sea breeze or the gentle breeze.  The hotel was built and designed by Mirage . The interior and exteriors of the hotel designed to be the new modern of Dubai.


To brief you with this newest hotel, Jumeirah Al Naseem has 1,119 total of date trees that was planted in the property. It is 58,000 sqm in total. They also have 387 rooms and 43 suites. Huge property. This is the latest addition to the family of Madinat Jumeirah which includes Mina A’ Salam, Al Qasr, Dar Al Masyaf.

I was a little bit late on the notice that we can have free breakfast, lunch and dinner on the new restaurant of our company. Jumeirah Al Naseem invited us to try their different restaurants before they open it to public.

Seafood dining at Rock Fish made our lunch completely terrific. Imagine dining on the beach with its inviting sound and having Burj Al Arab as your perfect view, what more can you ask for? From its interior design to the ambiance of the restaurant and of course the delicious food, every money will be worth it. Rock Fish mainly offers seafood.


So even we are staff they treated us like a real guests paying. James, our server was really exceeded the service from welcoming us until the service of our food. Dining in rock fish is really interesting. Imagine these beautiful decors behind you while eating? I am really amazed on how they put these things together. I am loving the color combination inside the restaurant.


Rock Fish also offers crudo. Crudo is a word in Italy which means raw. So before ordering your appetizers you can try their crudo, even if you are not a raw lover you will definitely love it. We started with their Crudo and appetizer then come to the main course.


This Tasmanian Salmon is real to die for! The ingredients include cantaloupe melon, balsamic glazed cippolini and basil. This is really perfect, you can’t taste any raw ingredients inside.

The next thing we ordered was the salads and appetizers. We all tried the three salads in the menu.



The traditional caesar salad with anchovy and Parmigiana-Reggiano Grilled halloumi & zataar. Caesar Salad was my favourite not on its taste but on how appetising it is. Imagine the lettuce is really crispy when chewed.


Rockfish Garden Salad includes shaved garden vegetable, quinoa, lemon and sumac dressing.If you are really looking for complete vegetable for appetisers why not try this? The dressing blends well with the quinoa and the vegetables.


Ras al Hanout Scented Salmon Pasteis include spinach, wild rocca leaves, harissa mayonnaise.



Saefood Mixed Grill includes pomfret, gulf prawns, scallop, calamari, young onions, light tahini & wild rice

Another restaurant to try not only just because of the ambiance but of the food, the service, the staffs and all the warm hospitality they gave us. I am sure Rock Fish will hit the market. Truly it is one of a kind restaurant in Dubai.

Friends if you want to dine at Rock Fish here are the details on how to book:

Location: Poolside, Jumeirah Al Naseem
Cuisine: Mediterranean Seafood
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Timings: Breakfast: 8:00 to 11:00.
Lunch: 12:00 to 15:30.
Dinner: 18:30 to 23:30.
General Inquiries: +971 4 4323232

Burj Al Arab: Seven Star Hotel | Dubai

Burj Al Arab from a far

From the distance, you seem to be an ordinary building. Just like any other buildings your one amazing infrastructure. People would like to see the inside of you. Your unique body makes it unique from them all.

Burj Al Arab was completed by the year 1999. The building was design by a consultancy named Atkins, led by Architect Tom Wright. It is owned and managed by Jumeirah Group of companies in Dubai owning different other 5 star hotels.

When hearing the word Burj Al Arab the people will immediately say “The Golden Hotel”. True to its promise, the building is really the most lavish hotel and only 7-star in the world.

Burj-The Golden Hotel

April 26, 2016, when I first step on your door steps and I really love what I am seeing. Inside of you has left me completely looking for more. Burj Al Arab will definitely set your goals when booking their rooms. So I, my fiance and his family went there for a show around and a scrumptious lunch buffet in Bab Al Yam.

Burj Facade

When entering inside you will see the gorgeous fountain in between two escalators. From the facade with different colors will leave you completely mesmerized. You think you have seen it all? This is only the beginning. After entering we were given the chance to explore the hotel and after it got the chance to see their stunning deluxe two-bedroom suite.


The hotel was true to its promise delivering completely stunning service from the front staff to everyone you meet along the public areas. The interiors was executed to perfection like you are living inside a Royal House in the Middle East. After exploring the lobby of the hotel we went up to see the beautiful fountain. Yes there is a fountain inside the hotel, amazing right?


From the grand lobby to the fountain we went for a show around inside their stunning bedrooms. From this 5 types of rooms, we went to the stunning Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite. The hotel rooms have different types:

  1. Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite – Php 135,000/night
  2. Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite – Php 150,000/night
  3. Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite – Php 260,000/night
  4. Diplomatic Three-Bedroom Suite – Php 360,000/night
  5. Presidential Two-Bedroom Suite – Php 600,000/night

The two bedroom will leave you speechless but wait do you know that it is Php 260,000/night? Yes you heard it loud! Are you willing to spend your night here in this 7-star hotel? The inclusion for this is the following:

  • Airport Transfer in BMW 740 Li series to/from Dubai International Airport
  • Complimentary buffet breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Two adults 25-minutes back, neck and shoulder massage once per stay
  • Complimentary access to Wild Wadi Water Park

This two bedroom suite have its own bathroom with Jacuzzi. This huge 2 story (yes it has its own living area, dining area and business area) have Hermès as your toiletries.


Living like a royal family will not be a hindrance anymore if you only have the money!

Twin Bedroom
Huge twin bedroom

lavish bathroom


If you wanted to do quick photo ops of just the building here is the way on how to get to Burj Al Arab.

If you are from the green metro station, from your point just make a transfer to Red line which is Union and takes the UAE Exchange platform. After that, you can get down to Mall of the Emirates metro station and from there just go down and catch the 81 bus it will take you to Burj Al Arab bus stop (make sure to pay attention to the stops)

You can take a taxi from Mall of the Emirates metro if you don’t want to catch the bus.

Coco Beach Resort | Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera, the place I wanted to visit for its prestige beaches and many accommodations to choose from. Getting deals from deal grocer is a superb idea when you are in search for good accommodation without even spending a high amount of money.

I actually got this deal from a website offering discounts for different establishments like Hotels, Restaurants and a quick get away. Metro Deal is my reliable partner if I wanted to score on a luxury hotels in the Philippines. You may check their website for more discount options.


  • From Manila take the bus going directly to Batangas Port. You can go to any of these bus terminals in Metro Manila:
    Bus Terminal in Taft Avenue
    Bus Terminal in Cubao near Ali Mall
    Bus Terminal in Kamias street
  • Upon arriving at Batangas Port go to Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 and find the ticket counter going to Puerto Galera. Note that there are many points of entries in Puerto Galera namely Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier, and White Beach. Be sure to know the specific pier. By the way we took the Muelle Pier.

Puerto Galera

The hotel facilities are made from natural materials. It is 10 hectares in size, just imagine the size of the whole resort. From the time of arriving, we were greeted by their friendly staff and handed us a fresh coconut juice. I just signed up the form and gave us our keys then rested for a while. Our room got free breakfast and free bottled water every morning and take note we also have a newsletter every morning which includes the activities for the day.


The deal that I got is good for 2 persons for 4 days and 3 nights. They offered us to stay in their Classic Deluxe rooms which are simple and comfortable. The inclusions of the deal are buffet breakfast, 15% on their Spa and Salon, 15% on water activities, 10% on set meals, and 10% on shopping items.

The whole hotel rooms are made from bamboo. The typical nipa hut style of house in the Philippines. The people cleaning your rooms are families living inside the hotel. Yes, you heard it right, their housekeeping services are from the locals. They are living beside your room; so if you happen to pull the bell it will ring inside their home. The cabana or room that we got is like a house. It is 2 bedrooms and good for 4 people.

Comfortable and like a princess in her own kingdom
Comfortable and like a princess in her own kingdom

twin Bed

swimming pool

This package was only bought for Php 5500.00 good for 4 people for 4 days and 3 nights. So imagine the discount that we got. The actual price for each room is Php 4,500 per night.


Just imagine how many activities you can do in your stay just inside the resort. Yes, they offer 101 activities and it is on a day to day basis. Here is the list of the activities that you can do for free:

  1. Welcome Walk – free; conducted every day
  2. Wogging Trail – free; conducted every day from 9:30 AM till 15:00 and there’s free chilled Calamansi water after the trail.
  3. Happy Hour Ball Game – free; conducted every Friday and Saturday from 15:00 to 16:00, wait the winner of the game will get a prize.
  4. Pig Game, Cork Game or Yatzee -free (with a twist); conducted every day when their Bartenders is not that busy you can play with them these games. The twist of the game is that if you lose, you pay double for your drink and if you will win, the drink is for free! How cool is that?
  5. Chess with your service family – free; conducted every day with your service family. The twist for this game, if you win the dinner they will be cooking is for free but if you lose the game you pay it.
  6. Boccia – free; conducted every day. Just ask them at the Activity Booth to teach you the rules and when you know it already, you can get the balls anytime.
  7. Basketball Game – free; conducted every day in the afternoon. You can do this game with other guests.
  8. Board Games – free; conducted every day. They have scrabble, games of generals, Backgammon and a Mahjong Set as well.
  9. Coconut Game – free; conducted every day at 16:00. This is a bowling game but you’re using a coconut and enjoying a happy hour drink.
  10. Video Room – free; conducted every day at Video Room
  11. Coco Mini Gym – free; every day
  12. Outdoor Cinema – free; conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 20:30. Just sign up at Info Activity for reservation. This activity will depend on the weather.
  13. Badminton – free; conducted every day
  14. Dart Tournament; free if you will win and you will get a cocktail drink. Conducted every Monday.
  15. Table Tennis Tournament – free; conducted every Wednesday from 15:00 onwards.
  16. Beach Volleyball Match – every Friday from 17:00, the losing team pays for a case of soft drinks/beer and it will be enjoyed by all players.

There’s a lot more to choose from. This is only the few but imagined what you can do inside the resort, you will never get bored!

Coco Beach Resort truly exceeded our expectations. From the buffet breakfast to their meals that were made by the service family and to the activities that we made was truly beyond words.

For bookings and reservations:

Phone: (+63) 917 883 9334
Fax: (+63) 43 287 3529

South-East Asian Dining at Noodle House | Dubai

Noodle House is owned and managed by Jumeirah Restaurants. The inspiration of the restaurant was based from South-East Asian countries mainly from Hongkong, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Noodles House offers a wide range of foods from small plates, dim sum, wok-fried noodles, speciality food, noodle soups, accompaniments, salads, desserts, and different kinds of healthy lemonade.


Since it opened in 2002 it has already 16 restaurants in different parts of Middle East like Pakistan, Cyprus, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

I myself have been to their three branches in Dubai which are located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Burjuman and The Dubai Mall. Burjuman branch will always be the best one for me because of its ambience, relaxing setting and its location.

So far the dishes that we tried are their best selling. From dim sum, duck, noodles and beverages. They also sell desserts too!



Their duck dim sum and vegetable spring rolls are the best. Duck dim sum is best consumed while it is still hot and  vegetable spring roll is best paired with their sweet and sour sauce. Dim sums are best when you are hungry because serving time is only around 10 minutes from the time you order your food.

sio mai

You will never go wrong with their Chicken Siew Mai served with hot chilli bean sauce.


Singaporean Curry Laksa is fiance’s favourite, well I liked it too. Ingredients are laksa noodles, chicken, prawns, tofu and fish balls. Small costs 40 dirhams and large 55 dirhams. Believe it or not, large is good for two people.


Duck wonton soup is best for people who loves to eat duck. Ingredients are ban mien noodles, duck dumpling and roasted duck. Small costs 35 and large is 45. So cheap right? The soup was really cooked well, along with the duck and the dumplings. It really tastes good!


Paid Thai, my love affair with Thai cuisine. Ingredients are rice stick noodles, prawns, fried tofu, beansprouts, tamarind sauce and nuts (it is optional by the way). The noodles were not overcooked, and the spicy of it was medium only and the overall flavour was good! No wonder Thai cuisine is definitely loved by all people.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng. An Indonesian cuisine, ingredients are chicken satay, fried egg on top of fried rice and prawn crackers. The chicken satay is soft and chewy that makes you crave for more. This and Pad Thai are one of their best sellers. It only cost 50 dirhams for one dish.


They serve different kinds of beverages from mocktails, iced tea, tea, soft drinks, juices, water and coffee. The one I ordered was Strawberry Lemonade which is their best seller so far. Includes fresh strawberries, and mint leaves that’s why it has the minty effect.

If you are planning on dining at Noodle House here is the list of their branches in Dubai:

Dubai International Financial Centre
Marble Walk, Gate Building, Dubai International Financial Centre
+971 4 3637093 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)

Burjuman Shopping Centre, Pavillon Gardens
+971 4 3526615 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)

Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh Road
+971 4 3666730 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)

Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Lower Level, The Boulevard
+971 4 3198088 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)

Gloria Hotel, Dubai Media City
Ground Level, Gloria Hotel, Dubai Media City
+971 4 3818065 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)

The Dubai Mall
Lower Ground Level, The Dubai Mall, Downtown, Dubai, U.A.E
+971 4 388 4825 or 4827 | 800-NOODLE (800-666353)


Enchanting Island | El Nido, Palawan


With all the numerous accolades that Palawan had won in the past years, and with all the thousands of articles and blogs written about it, it’s now only a cliche whenever some people tell how magnificent this island truly is.

Well, Palawan’s enchanting island is worth a million stories to be told over and over again. It is not only the scenic view or the beautiful beaches that will captivate you but also the environment of joy and pleasure and the warmth of the people that is undoubtedly remarkable!

Our trip in Palawan last July 2015 was one of the best travels I’ve ever had in my life. This is not an exaggeration rather it is only a fitting compliment to the wonderful experience we had in our stay at this island.



Palawan is a province in the Philippines that consists of a main big island with several other smaller islands surrounding the main island. It is located at the southwestern part off the coast of Luzon island, the biggest island in the Philippines. The city of Puerto Princesa is the capital of the province and from the airport, you will have to take a 4-5 hour ride to get to the town of El Nido, where the pristine beach and world-renowned limestone islands are located.

Since we did not have any tour package from a travel agency, we did our own do-it- yourself vacation trip package by looking for the cheapest airfare, accommodation and island tour there is. We got our airline tickets from Air Asia which offered “piso” (i.e. .022 USD) fare sale for their Manila to Palawan and vv. flights. Note that this amount is just a rate and not the actual fee you’ll have to pay, nevertheless, it is really cheap! The next thing we did was to book for a nice but affordable hotel or resort to stay for three days. Fortunately, Marina Garden Beach Resort offered an off-peak sale for our accommodation and we also bought on sale our four-day island tour from Northern Hope Tours ( All in all our total expenses for our 4-day trip cost us about 8,000 pesos or 177 USD for each person.


It’s no wonder why Palawan was named by Travel + Leisure magazine as the world’s best island for three times in a row as it is not only a good place to relax your body, but also an affordable place that would suit anyone on a tight budget. The basic goods are relatively cheap in the Philippines, and in Palawan, we did not find our pockets drained since we were able to afford everything that we needed in our stay.

We arrived at the airport a little bit late in the afternoon. Puerto Pricesa City’s airport is a small international airport that serves as the main entry hub of the tourist-bound island. From the airport, we were greeted and picked up by representatives of Northern Hope Tours. Since the trip going to El Nido will last for about five hours, we had an early dinner at the White Fence Country Café located at Manalo Extension, Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa – the restaurant serves American, Filipino, Asian and Italian cuisine.

The way going to El Nido was so dark at nighttime and I think some parts of the road were under construction as I felt that we were travelling in an uncemented hi-way. Finally, after a long drive, we arrived at our resort at about pass 9 in the evening.


Marina Garden Beach Resort’s typical tourist accommodation includes a nipa hut-like two bedroom cottage with one restroom attached. A nipa hut is a traditional type of house made up from cogon grass and bamboo that is still visible in the rural parts of the provinces in the Philippines. Based from the present condition of our rooms, I concluded that the cottages must have been built a few years back as some of the fixtures, espceially in the restroom, seemed old.



Our island hopping activities were set by Northern Hope which consisted of free boat transfers, snorkeling and swimming gears and lunch (seafood and grilled food buffet). The best places we visited were the three famous lagoons in El Nido, the big, small and secret lagoons. We were mesmerized on how the clear waters of Palawan’s beaches are and the breathtaking view of its limestone islands that looked like big mushrooms sprouting out of the deep blue sea. We swam in the three lagoons and snorkeled in some good spots wherein we found an abundance of aquatic fauna.


Almost everyday in our stay, we were brought to different islands and beaches and each of them offered a different scenic and picturesque view. We went to 7 Commandos Beach, Hidden Beach and Secret Beach all of which had the trademark white and fine sands of Palawan. In the last day of our island tour, we went to Matinloc Shrine where the local folks believed that it might have been the site of a hidden gold treasure that was excavated years ago. There was an elevated spot in the shrine where we climbed and positioned ourselves overlooking the sprawling white sand beaches and picture-perfect islands scattered across the vast waters of El Nido.




Aside from the beautiful beaches of El Nido, the nightlife and food scene are also very well alive in this part of the country. Fresh catch from the fisher folks are always available in the nearby restaurants. Tourists can choose the fresh big lobsters, crabs and fishes and ask the chefs in the restaurants to cook them in whatever dish they prefer. Our last night in El Nido was well spent on great food and great music as we dined our hearts out with delicious seafood and fresh coconut juice.


Leaving El Nido was like separating yourself in a place of comfort and bliss. We left the town early for our flight back to Manila and we did not even manage to buy souvenirs in the town itself that’s we just bought ours when we arrived again in the city of Puerto Princesa.

It was truly a wonderful feeling having to witness the beauty of El Nido, Palawan with its white sand beach, limestone islands, clear waters teeming with corals and fishes, and its vibrant nightlife. Truly, it was a great treasure to have experienced the beauty of the world’s best island.

Maldives | Budget Travel and Itinerary on the Tropical Paradise

So a lot of our friends are asking us if how much did we totally spend in the luxurious Maldives. Some are saying they can’t travel there because its too expensive, some says they don’t have enough money because of the pricey accommodations! Hell no, you can search the net; there’s a lot of blog out there that can give you so much tips on how to save for your upcoming vacation without getting broke! This is based on our experience.

So basically we got the tour package from Holiday factory and I can say it is way cheaper. Inclusions in the package are Airfare, Hotel with breakfast, roundtrip hotel transfers and free ferry ride to Cinnamon Dhonveli. We will also give you our itinerary from our recent trip!

Note that this is from Dubai to Maldives.

Male City, Maldives

Dubai to Maldives

If you’re from Dubai, you can book a direct flight ticket via Fly Dubai but from Maldives to Dubai, you have to take a connecting flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka and from there straight to Dubai. Our travel agency was the one who booked our flight with their partner airline which is Fly Dubai.


Note that these expenses are on a sharing basis. Also, we went to Maldives 3 months ago, so some prices do change also. Our expenses if converted into pesos it will be roughly around 65,000 pesos for two people, very cheap indeed that’s 32,000 per person.


**This prices may vary from time to time. This expense is based on our personal experience. Prices for tours will also depend on the resort that you will visit.


**This itinerary is based on what we did on an actual day. You may do your personal itinerary if you want too.


Day 00 – 2 AM (Dubai time) Departure from Dubai to Male

Day 01 – 8 AM Arrived at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Male International Airport)

9 AM arrived at Hotel Lonuveli

10 AM checked in, take a bath, and rest for a while

11 AM lunch inside the hotel

12 PM took our Male City Tour (by the way the tour is only for 1 hour)

3 PM ferry ride back to Hulhumale

6 PM went out to search for a restaurant to eat

9 PM sleep


Day 02 – 9 AM to 5 PM Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort Day tour.

7 PM back to Hotel Lonuveli

8 PM dinner

11 PM waited for our friend who is coming to Maldives as well.

12 AM rest

** Please read our blog about our day tour at Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort
Resting like a boss
when le boyfriend knows how to get good shot…


Day 03 – 9 AM to 7 PM Yacht Cruising

We went to a snorkelling place using a yacht provided by our tour guide. The tour includes free snorkelling gear and buffet lunch prepared by our guides.

Day 04 – 8 AM departure from Male to Dubai


When you ask us again if we are going to Maldives again the answer is big yes. Definitely, Maldives is not only about luxury but it can be travel with a budget without getting broke. Maldives will definitely get a big place in our hearts.

Come and visit our site for more travel budget trips around the globe!

Maldives | Hotel Lonuveli

Welcome to Hotel Lonuveli. Are you planning your next summer vacation in Maldives and you don’t wanna spend a hefty price for your accommodation? Then I would recommend staying at Hotel Lonuveli in Hulhumale, Maldives.

Hulhumale Island is located just south of the North Male Atoll and is reclaimed island – it is man-made. The Hotel Lonuveli is located on this beautiful island, which is 20-minute ferry ride from the bustling city capital of Male.

The hotel itself is not that grandiose or expensive-looking. It is a typical two-star bed and breakfast hotel with a nice and cozy beachfront ambiance. And most of all it is affordable! A standard room for two persons costs a hundred dollars per night (excluding fees and taxes).


They serve a simple buffet breakfast which you can eat outside or inside the hotel. The black Ceylon tea is very good! You can also order meals if you wish so (their Nasi Goreng is terrific!).



The rooms itself were quite small but clean. The bathroom has no bath tub but it is good enough to have a refreshing cold shower (since they don’t have a water heater). They also have free TV and internet wifi connection. Awesome!


The people and the staff are so nice and courteous. You can also ask them to arrange a taxi for your transportation, and the from hotel-to-airport and vice versa transfer is free.

Overall, Hotel Lonuveli is really cool, quiet and good place to live in while you are enjoying your vacation in Maldives. We hope to see you soon there someday!

Planning to go to Hotel Lonuveli, here are the contact details:


LOCATION: Hulhumale Island, Beach Road

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 335 0097/ +960 999 9277


Maldives | Cinnamon Dhonveli

Cinnamon Dhonveli – The best Maldivian Resort tour for your family

Planning on having a tropical summer vacation for you and your family? Why not try the place where the best water bungalows are located? Yep! You guessed it right – It’s Maldives! But oh, before you hit the web and search for cheap water bungalow hotel and resort, we’ve already got you covered.


We went to Maldives for just a four-day tour and was able to explore the beautiful sights this 1,190-island country.  Our favorite of course is having a day tour in Cinnamon Dhonveli resort. The tour is way cheaper than other island resorts but it gives the same unique feeling of an excellent Maldivian vacation.


Upon arriving in the resort, we were greeted by locals and expatriate workers with a smile (and a hot towel and cold juice drink). We were given green arm tags that cannot be removed unless you cut by scissors. Don’t lose this one as this what you will use to enable you to roam around and use their amenities.

You don’t need to book in one of their water bungalows or suites, but by just paying USD 45.00, you will be able to experience all the resort has to offer. (Note: USD 45.00 only includes island transfer, lunch buffet, unlimited refilling of water plus amenities, it does not include specific activities like snorkelling, kayaking and pedal boat).cinnamon-dhonveli-lifestyle


Dhonveli, the Maldivian word for “white sand”, is where the resort got its name – and truly lives upto its promise! A long coastline of white sand beach and crystal clear waters will truly excite you for a swim. The cottages and swimming towels are free and the best part is that you can relax here until 5:00 in the afternoon if you are on a day tour and can be extended by paying a few bucks. The shower rooms are also clean and yes, towels are again available on their Visitors Lounge or what we call changing room.


The resort has a lot of activities like scuba diving, water sports, snorkeling and a lot more. But what I like here is that you can take free pictures of their water bungalows and suites, what more did you come for in Maldives without posting your picture of these magnificent attraction in social media, right?


The famous water bungalow



Also, one of the good things I like was their sumptuous buffet that is a mix South Asian, European and local Maldivian cuisine. Believe me, it was the best thing in the whole tour!

You will never feel how time flies when you’re in the resort and before we knew it, it’s time to go home! It was truly a very rewarding experience to be able to explore Cinnamon Dhonveli. I really recommend this resort for families who wants to travel on a budget in Maldives, you will never go wrong  with your choice!

Planning to go to Cinnamon, here are the contact details:


LOCATION: North Male Atoll, Republic of Maldives

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 664 0055/ +960 664 0066


Bacolod | The Stunning Ruins


Every people who wants to go to Bacolod must visit this stunning mansion in Talisay City. People will definitely love the view. This mansion was built in the early 1900’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson.

I went to Bacolod last January 2014. My primary reason of travelling is to experience it solo but things do change. My friend who was from Cadiz, Bacolod contacted me and told me that I can sleep in their house (so free transportation, food, and hotel it is).


Like a kid who gets their present, I am as if like a kid too. As soon as I step foot on the airport I already wanted to go and explore the beautiful city. Some say it is known for its chicken inasal, a food lover might enjoy living here.


This ruins was developed by Raymund Javellana one of Don Mariano’s children last May 2007 and it was officially opened to the public as a tourist attraction last January 2008.


taken from

The mansion was built in the early 1990’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) and was home to his unmarried children and his first wife, Maria Braga Lacson (+1911), a Portugese from Macau. The mansion was the largest residential structure ever built at that time and had in it one of the finest furniture, chinaware, and decorative items, as the father of Maria Braga was a captain of ship that sailed across Europe and Asia and would cart with him these items. One of their daughters maintained a beautiful garden of lilies in and around the 4-tiered fountain fronting the mansion, all brought from abroad.


Their sons were the ones who supervised the construction of the mansion, making sure that the cement used was A-grade mixture of concrete and it is precisely followed.


The mansion was burnt during the World War II to prevent the Japanese soldiers in making it as a headquarters. It took days to bring down the fire of the roof and two-inch wooden floors.


Until this day this beautiful mansion is still standing tall amidst of the sugar plantation and continue to amaze all local and foreign tourists.


Up to date, this ruins is still viewed by many tourists even if it is located inside the sugar plantation and far from the highway. As years go by, the entrance fee is increasing. My friend who is living in Bacolod, told me that she experience Php 200.00 entrance fee when the attraction is not yet fully opened to the public. As of January 27, 2014 the entrance fee is Php 80.00 or $2 USD.




Inside the ruins you can also try their restaurant. They offer Italian food, so you can drop by anytime to try their yummy dishes.


They also have these giant chess, mini golf that I think you can play with, and grotto.


By the way the tricycle driver who drove us inside was the one who also drove us back to the city because tricycles are only limited (we took the tricycle instead of the private vehicle). No words can describe the feeling of being in Bacolod and seeing the ruins with your own two eyes. Indeed one of the best ruins. Still the original structure since Don Mariano built this in 1900.

Queenstown | Eichardt’s Private Hotel

Eichardt’s Bar with its comfortable sofas, cosy fireplace and quality service provides mouth-watering foods and cocktails. EPH was established since 1867 in the heart of Queenstown. This hotel is a member of the small luxurious hotels in the world.


Eichardt’s Private Hotel accepts walk-ins guests for their restaurant. The restaurant itself is only small and only tapas are served which means they only have small portions or servings on food.eph-3


When entering the hotel and bar you will see the elegant and classy service they are offering. We walk-in inside the bar which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails but only in tapas servings.



Queenstown is known for its snowy and cold weather, this hotel offers a fireplace to warm your body while eating. Sounds cool right?



This hotel is not only known for its classy service but also offers class dining. From the cutleries to the ambiance, service, and even the decorations are really worth every penny.


While roaming around the lobby and reading newspapers I did not even notice that our food is ready to serve. By the way, we came here around 7 PM. No booking required. Eichardt’s Bar has won numerous awards and features an outstanding wine list and ever-changing tapas menu.



this is not burnt okay? I forgot the name of the food..


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For bookings and reservations please do see the details of the hotel below:

Address: 2 Marine Parade, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 3 441 0450

Email Address: