Auckland | Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour is located in the heart of Auckland and it is where the city meets the ocean. It is also good for people who love to jog, to chill and have a laid back kind of day. This Harbour also offers oceanfront dining, cool nightlife,  luxury hotels, maritime museum and also destination cruising like Waiheke Island. Viaduct is also the home of many private yachts.





From the harbour itself you can take a glimpse of the famous Tower in Auckland which is the Sky City Tower.
Fullers sea flyte is one among the many other ferries transporting a passenger going to Waiheke Island.
LOCATION: 16 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
PHONE: +64 9-373 4141

Auckland | Elliott Stables

Who says VALENTINE’S DAY is only for couples? Who says that it is only for two person falling deeply in-love with each other? Who says you can’t enjoy this day? You can’t be bitter every Valentines Day because you don’t have any partner to celebrate it. Just be happy because God is your ULTIMATE LOVER of all times. You can celebrate still with the company of your friends, mates and relatives and above all offer a mass to our loving ALMIGHTY!

There’s a lot to celebrate on Valentines Day. It is for the celebration of love for your own self, family, friends, workmates and even relatives. We should always spread love everyday to the strangers we meet across the road.My Valentine’s with friends. We spent the night at Elliot stable to eat some dinner, just the usual one. Getting there, I was surprised because  our friend Joel gave us a red rose.

Valentine’s day should always be everyday. Let’s celebrate love every second to make peace with people. Just asking them to go to their favorite restaurant is showing love already. Valentine’s day again is not only for couples, it can be a siblings, family or friends celebrating love with each other to the special place of course.


Elliott Stable is located at the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. It is a shops that composed of different casual restaurants on a vintage and a chill environment. The favorite restaurant of our choice is Big Little Grill, aside from the nice service you have a wide selection of steak to choose from. They also have free chips that’s included in your steak. Always remember that if your steak is well done it is already damage from the inside, so better make sure it is medium rare most of the time.

Elliott Stables is the one stop shop for people who love to eat. This shop offers a wide range of cuisines from Asian, European, Asian, Mexican and a lot more. Basically most shops offers seafood, steaks, desserts and a lot more. You can never go wrong with their dishes for all are tasty. They also offer group bookings and events, so if you want better check it out with the restaurant. Elliot Stables can cater mostly to all your needs, just dial their number for any queries and they will be happy to serve and assists you all the time.



There’s a lot of restaurant inside including the following:

Note: This was written 3 years ago, so better check Elliott Stables for time to time for some shops might already closed and new one was replaced.

  • Frankies Gourmet Food  – 09 365  2700
  • Wedge Juice Bar
  • Bonz Cajun Kitchen – 09 309 3025
  • Besos Latinos – 09 303 0217
  • De Niro – 09 365 1166
  • Delectable Desserts – 09 377 0946
  • El Faro  – 09 365 1111
  • Ela Cuisine – 09 3792 710
  • Big Little Grill  – 09 555 1225
  • Reslau – 09 309 5039
  • Samurai Sushi – 09 307 1220
  • Torchon French Creperie – 09 368 7917
  • Burg’z Burgers
LOCATION: 39 Elliott Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
PARKING: Yes it is available
  • Wilson Car Park on Elliott Street
  • Civic car park Aotea Square
  • Sky City Casino Carpark

TIMINGS: Open 7 days  also serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Auckland | Fortuna Buffet

Fortuna is perfect for occasions, especially for large group bookings that have good value for money. they also offer an excellent range of dishes with a regular change in the selection, so when you visit next time there will be something new.

Going to Casino maybe?

Fortuna buffet is located inside the famous Sky City Tower in the heart of Auckland. It is very accessible to people who have their own cars.

girls just wanna have fun

our table number


Fortuna Buffet offers a wide extensive selection of seafood, live cooking of mains, freshly baked breads, Asian specialties plus unlimited coffee and tea. Fortuna is exceptional value for money, but for me as I have a pastry background and have the love for food some of it does not goes to my taste. Honestly talking, some of their food didn’t went up high to the rate of my taste bud.


seafood chowder soup

You have two choices for the soup, they got Seafood Chowder and the Kumara soup. They have also different kinds of breads to pair with the soup. They also have an excellent choices of entrees and seafood to choose from.

P.S. I didn’t take picture of the buffet table because there’s a lot of people getting their food! Yes, they are very busy every night.

The main dish got a wide variety to choose like; lamb, fish beef, pork and seafood. They also have Carbonara and pasta sauce, it is not akward to have a sauce but no pasta to serve?. They have side dishes to offer as well.


The desert is not so good that I will rate it as 5 out of 10. Not because I studied pastry in the Philippines,but because I do love pastries so much that I would love to be in a cloud 9 if I will be tasting it. The tart they are good but it is so epic that they would put a lot of lemon juice to it. It tastes sour to me. We basically extended until 10 PM because they were open until midnight.





Fortuna buffet offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are the prices and timings for the buffet:


They are open from Saturday till Sunday from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. For children 3 years old and below it is basically free. For ages 4-9 years, it is $10.90 , for children ages 10-14 years, it is $13.90 and for adults $23.90.


They are open from Monday till Friday from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM. For children 3 years old and below it is basically free. For ages 4-9 years, it is $10.90 , for children ages 10-14 years, it is $14.90 and for adults $23.90.

They are also open from Saturday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. For children 3 years old and below it is basically free. For ages 4-9 years, it is $11.90 , for children ages 10-14 years, it is $15.90 and for adults $25.90.

P.S. Note that they have different timings and prices for Saturday and Sunday.


They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. For children 3 years old and below it is basically free. For ages 4-9 years, it is $13.90 , for children ages 10-14 years, it is $16.90 and for adults $30.90.

They are also open from Friday to Saturday from 5:30 PM till late. For children 3 years old and below it is basically free. For ages 4-9 years, it is $15.90 , for children ages 10-14 years, it is $20.90 and for adults $35.90.

P.S. Note that they have different timings and prices for Friday to Saturday.

Note that the above prices was gotten from the website itself. For more information of prices just see the details of the hotel below. Happy dining everybody.

LOCATION: Level 3, SKYCITY, corner of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland

DRESS CODES: Smart Casual

BOOKINGS: Recommended. 1 1/2 hour dining time applies from the time of booking.

CONTACT NUMBERS: +64 9 363 6000


Auckland | Pullman Hotel

So our friend’s boyfriend got a hotel accommodation around the city. My friend asked him if she could bring us to stay for a while, chill and swim 🙂 The real plan is that we should go to her bf’s house to have a barbeque but we wanted to swim and enjoy for a moment.



Pullman’s Lobby is the best. I love the color combination, the ambiance and the over-all look. It is so attractive to guests. Their lobby is only small that can accommodate only few people. Pullman’s check-in process was hassle free. They let us in without a passport. Yes they are accepting any kind of Identification Cards unless it is valid.  After checking in we first enjoyed the hotels’ intricate design and ambiance.



Pullman Hotel in Auckland is a 5 star hotel. The room that we got is only standard. They got a mini bar inside the room, free vault, free coffee and tea amenities, towels and bathrobe. Hotels in New Zealand don’t have free WI-FI, yes you heard it right. Only few hotels will have free wifi, some will offer you 1GB and the rest will let you pay $6 for 30 minutes.

P.S. New Zealand please improve your WI-FI facilities because later on you will have a lots of complain.

Hindi pwedeng hindi ko icompare, masakit magbayad ng ganung amount for WI-FI lang.



RATES: $229 NZD ++


  • Telephone: (+64)9/3531000
  • Fax: (+64)9/3531002
  • Email:

LOCATION: Corner Waterloo Quadrant & Princess Street, 1010, Auckland, New Zealand