Le Meridien | Fujairah

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a rare sight to see and a majestic place to behold. Located in the emirate of Fujairah in the UAE, this wonderful family get-away hotel and resort is such a spectacular work of architecture with a panoramic view overlooking the Gulf of Oman and the rocky Al Hajar Mountains as its backdrop.


Last February 2017, my husband and I decided to spend our precious vacation to discover the beauty of the northern emirates in the UAE. Through the help of other blogs and travel websites, we came across a discount voucher for a 2-night stay at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. We were hesitant at first due to the location of the hotel as it is very far from the capital city of Abu Dhabi which I am currently residing. The hotel itself will take 4 hours to reach via public transportation although we, later on, discovered that they have a shuttle coming from Dubai.

But as the saying goes, the most beautiful places are the ones that are hardest to reach, we took a decision to try the resort. We took off from the RTA Buses located in Union Square bus station in Dubai. The ticket costs 25 dirhams for a one-way trip. The ride from Dubai to Fujairah’s city centre lasted for 2 hours, from that point, we took a taxi (which was colored in apple green ūüôā ) and paid around 80 dirhams for the one-hour trip going to Le Meridien. It was a good thing that the cab driver knew the way going there as some of the drivers, he said, were not very familiar with the place.


As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with warm welcomes from the friendly hotel staff plus a couple of free drinks and a hot towel. It was also a great blessing that one of the receptionists who assisted us was a Filipina and she upgraded our room so that we can experience one with a balcony. The amazing view of the pool and the beach in itself is worth the trouble of getting into the place. It was really fun to see the beauty of the resort’s pool and cottages near the beach. After we have unpacked our things and rested for a while, spent the rest of the day taking photos of the hotel and its surroundings.


readers nook inside the hotel. Best for me time.


For our first night, we ordered ala carte meals in the hotel’s restaurant. There are also other dining places inside the hotel. It was in this hotel that I have tasted the best lamb chops I’ve had in my entire life. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also served in the restaurant. The morning breakfast buffet consisted of international cuisines, and for those who love pork, the resto serves fried bacon for your dining pleasure.

the best lamb chops
the best lamb chops

On our 2nd day in the resort, we tried swam in the beach and enjoyed the warm and cloudy weather while watching the seabirds dive into the ocean to catch their preys. The waves were also fun to slide with. Afterwards, we found ourselves swimming in the resort’s pool which was very clean and pristine. Swimming towels are free and there are lifeguards deployed near the pools and beach.


The resort also boasts of different kinds of activities like table tennis and chess and others are children games like the snakes and ladders. The hotel is also surrounded by other resorts like Rotana.

snakes and ladders
snakes and ladders


who missed this childhood game?
who missed this childhood game?

On the day of our departure, the hotel allowed us to stay in the premises even after we have checked out so we can join the free shuttle going to Fujairah’s city centre (though they only have limited timings for this). The bus came around 4 pm in the afternoon and dropped us in the Fujairah City Centre mall. The RTA bus stop is near at the back of the mall just beside the police headquarters. At that time we did not find it; that’s why we took a cab again and brought us to the first bus stop which the RTA buses drop off and pick up passengers. It was another 2-hour ride going back to Dubai.

The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a wonderful family-oriented place which captivates vacationers thru its perfect location away from the busy cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. It was a really a magical trip going here and I can’t wait to come back again.


Signature Hotel, Al Barsha | Dubai

Hubby and I don’t know what we love about staying in hotels. Yes, we do love staycation. Staying in a hotel for a night! Talk about splurging but it is not (thanks to Groupon for the very good discounts).

Every hotel got its own unique attributes and qualities just like a person. Signature Hotel is a 4-star hotel. Signature Hotel offers an outdoor pool, gym and different dining outlets. Located in between Mall of the Emirates metro station and Sharaf DG metro station (more or less 5 minutes walking distance to both stations).

Smooth check-in was given to me by the reception when we handed our IDS.


So after giving us our room key, we headed to the 6th floor (requested upper floor by the way). Rooms in Signature hotel is quite big. Shower room and washroom are separated from each other and in the middle of it is the wash basin.

Huge king bed

So after checking on our room, we are totally knocked down and just sleep. With this kind of bed, everyone will fall in love with it.



The wash basin is just typical. They put all the amenities in one place because it will not fit inside the shower room. It comes with face towels, hand towels, bathroom amenities except for dental kit (so you need to call the housekeeping or the reception for your dental kits).



So the shower room comes with a blind (this is applicable for couples only) that you can pull up if you wish too.


For bookings or reservation please see the details below:

Email Address: Booking@SignatureHotel-Dubai.com
Telephone Numbers: +971 (0) 4399 9944


This post is not paid by the hotel. All travels and staycation was paid by Piggybear Traves their self.

Seafood Night at Saffron | Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Have you ever been dreamed of living in a country full of luxury? It’s been a year since I step my foot here in UAE. No other thoughts came to me except the word dessert. Dubai is the dream country of many, especially for its luxurious brands, gold ATM and a lot more. UAE more particularly is home to many jaw-dropping buildings, luxury cars, golds, and hotels.


Atlantis, The Palm is one of them. This hotel is not just ordinary, it is home to the celebrity restaurants like Nobu by Chef Nobu, Ronda Locatelli by Chef Locatelli, and Bread Street Kitchen and Bar by Chef Gordon Ramsay himself. In reality, you will not run out of choices where to eat. There’s a lot of buffet restaurants to choose from, just be patient on booking for some will be fully booked on a specific date.


We dine at Saffron Restaurant where they have themed nights. We came Tuesday to try their “seafood night”. After roaming around the hotel we went already inside the restaurant for us to be seated. After having your seats the floor is yours already.

Once they got your drinks you can now get your food. Oops! Don’t go gaga over the buffet counter for you will find around 220 varieties of food to choose from Sushi Station, Grilled Station, Steak, Live Station, Dim sum, and a lot more. Yes, I am not mistaken they have a wide range of food choices. They got your dinner covered before you will ask for it. So let me start giving you some preview on the buffet areas.


The sashimi bar was okay, never loved sashimi in the first place though!


If you love noodles and Asian cuisine this place will never go wrong. From the colored noodles to the sauce and the spices. You will make your own choice for the sauce.


Dim Sum, who will never like this type of foods anyway? The number one appetizer that came from Chinese. They different varieties to choose from! Indeed you will never leave this place with an empty stomach.


Roast Duck my happy place! Yes, It’s my weakness. Who else does not want this food? Aside from the roast skin, the meat is really juicy and chewy! Who would have taught that I came back for another round?


Mainly it is all Asian from Chinese to Singaporean and now Vietnamese! Who would have taught that these cuisines are incredibly good in their own way? From the spices used and from the way it was cooked.  This Vietnamese cuisine is like the street food of Filipinos. Incredibly amazing and delicious.


For the meat lover, there’s one place that you will love. The steak station. In this station, there are three types of meat. I love the beef steak and paired with some green leafy vegetables on the side. The tenderness and how they cooked it to medium rare is just perfect and blended well with the salads. Funny how I can be a food critic!




Feeling like a kid? Well, try this dessert station. They have different kinds of dessert and of course, don’t forget to try the chocolate fountain loaded with different choices from marshmallows, candies and gummy bears and fruits too!

Burj Al Arab: Seven Star Hotel | Dubai

Burj Al Arab from a far

From the distance, you seem to be an ordinary building. Just like any other buildings your one amazing infrastructure. People would like to see the inside of you. Your unique body makes it unique from them all.

Burj Al Arab was completed by the year 1999. The building was design by a consultancy named Atkins, led by Architect Tom Wright. It is owned and managed by Jumeirah Group of companies in Dubai owning different other 5 star hotels.

When hearing the word Burj Al Arab the people will immediately say “The Golden Hotel”. True to its promise, the building is really the most lavish hotel and only 7-star in the world.

Burj-The Golden Hotel

April 26, 2016, when I first step on your door steps and I really love what I am seeing. Inside of you has left me completely looking for more. Burj Al Arab will definitely set your goals when booking their rooms. So I, my fiance and his family went there for a show around and a scrumptious lunch buffet in Bab Al Yam.

Burj Facade

When entering inside you will see the gorgeous fountain in between two escalators. From the facade with different colors will leave you completely mesmerized. You think you have seen it all? This is only the beginning. After entering we were given the chance to explore the hotel and after it got the chance to see their stunning deluxe two-bedroom suite.


The hotel was true to its promise delivering completely stunning service from the front staff to everyone you meet along the public areas. The interiors was executed to perfection like you are living inside a Royal House in the Middle East. After exploring the lobby of the hotel we went up to see the beautiful fountain. Yes there is a fountain inside the hotel, amazing right?


From the grand lobby to the fountain we went for a show around inside their stunning bedrooms. From this 5 types of rooms, we went to the stunning Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite. The hotel rooms have different types:

  1. Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite – Php 135,000/night
  2. Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite – Php 150,000/night
  3. Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite – Php 260,000/night
  4. Diplomatic Three-Bedroom Suite – Php 360,000/night
  5. Presidential Two-Bedroom Suite – Php 600,000/night

The two bedroom will leave you speechless but wait do you know that it is Php 260,000/night? Yes you heard it loud! Are you willing to spend your night here in this 7-star hotel? The inclusion for this is the following:

  • Airport Transfer in BMW 740 Li series to/from Dubai International Airport
  • Complimentary buffet breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Two adults 25-minutes back, neck and shoulder massage once per stay
  • Complimentary access to Wild Wadi Water Park

This two bedroom suite have its own bathroom with Jacuzzi. This huge 2 story (yes it has its own living area, dining area and business area) have Hermès as your toiletries.


Living like a royal family will not be a hindrance anymore if you only have the money!

Twin Bedroom
Huge twin bedroom

lavish bathroom


If you wanted to do quick photo ops of just the building here is the way on how to get to Burj Al Arab.

If you are from the green metro station, from your point just make a transfer to Red line which is Union and takes the UAE Exchange platform. After that, you can get down to Mall of the Emirates metro station and from there just go down and catch the 81 bus it will take you to Burj Al Arab bus stop (make sure to pay attention to the stops)

You can take a taxi from Mall of the Emirates metro if you don’t want to catch the bus.

Maldives | Hotel Lonuveli

Welcome to Hotel Lonuveli. Are you planning¬†your next summer vacation in Maldives and you don’t wanna spend a hefty price for your accommodation? Then I would recommend staying at Hotel Lonuveli in Hulhumale, Maldives.

Hulhumale Island is located just south of the North Male Atoll and is reclaimed island – it is man-made. The Hotel Lonuveli is located on this beautiful island, which is 20-minute ferry ride from the bustling city capital of Male.

The hotel itself is not that grandiose or expensive-looking. It is a typical two-star bed and breakfast hotel with a nice and cozy beachfront ambiance. And most of all it is affordable! A standard room for two persons costs a hundred dollars per night (excluding fees and taxes).


They serve a simple buffet breakfast which you can eat outside or inside the hotel. The black Ceylon tea is very good! You can also order meals if you wish so (their Nasi Goreng is terrific!).



The rooms itself were quite small but clean. The bathroom has no bath tub but it is good enough to have a refreshing cold shower (since they don’t have a water heater). They also have free TV and internet wifi connection. Awesome!


The people and the staff are so nice and courteous. You can also ask them to arrange a taxi for your transportation, and the from hotel-to-airport and vice versa transfer is free.

Overall, Hotel Lonuveli is really cool, quiet and good place to live in while you are enjoying your vacation in Maldives. We hope to see you soon there someday!

Planning to go to Hotel Lonuveli, here are the contact details:

WEBSITE: http://lonuveli.com/

LOCATION: Hulhumale Island, Beach Road

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 335 0097/ +960 999 9277

EMAIL ADDRESS: booking@lonuveli.com

Maldives | Cinnamon Dhonveli

Cinnamon Dhonveli – The best Maldivian Resort tour for your family

Planning on having a tropical summer vacation for you and your family? Why not try the place where the best water bungalows are located? Yep! You guessed it right – It’s Maldives! But oh, before you hit the web and search for cheap water bungalow hotel and resort, we’ve already got you covered.


We went to Maldives for just a four-day tour and was able to explore the beautiful sights this 1,190-island country.  Our favorite of course is having a day tour in Cinnamon Dhonveli resort. The tour is way cheaper than other island resorts but it gives the same unique feeling of an excellent Maldivian vacation.


Upon arriving in the resort, we were greeted by locals and expatriate workers with a smile (and a hot towel and cold juice drink). We were given green arm tags that cannot be removed unless you cut by scissors. Don’t lose this one as this what you will use to enable you to roam around and use their amenities.

You don’t need to book in one of their water bungalows or suites, but by just paying USD 45.00, you will be able to experience all the resort has to offer. (Note: USD 45.00 only includes island transfer, lunch buffet, unlimited refilling of water plus amenities, it does not include specific activities like snorkelling, kayaking and pedal boat).cinnamon-dhonveli-lifestyle


Dhonveli, the Maldivian word for “white sand”, is where the resort got its name – and truly lives upto its promise! A long coastline of white sand beach and crystal clear waters will truly excite you for a swim. The cottages and swimming towels are free and the best part is that you can relax here until 5:00 in the afternoon if you are on a day tour and can be extended by paying a few bucks. The shower rooms are also clean and yes, towels are again available on their Visitors Lounge or what we call changing room.


The resort has a lot of activities like scuba diving, water sports, snorkeling and a lot more. But what I like here is that you can take free pictures of their water bungalows and suites, what more did you come for in Maldives without posting your picture of these magnificent attraction in social media, right?


The famous water bungalow



Also, one of the good things I like was their sumptuous buffet that is a mix South Asian, European and local Maldivian cuisine. Believe me, it was the best thing in the whole tour!

You will never feel how time flies when you’re in the resort and before we knew it, it’s time to go home! It was truly a very rewarding experience to be able to explore Cinnamon Dhonveli. I really recommend this resort for families who wants to travel on a budget in Maldives, you will never go wrong ¬†with your choice!

Planning to go to Cinnamon, here are the contact details:

WEBSITE: http://www.cinnamonhotels.com/cinnamondhonvelimaldives/

LOCATION: North Male Atoll, Republic of Maldives

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 664 0055/ +960 664 0066

EMAIL ADDRESS: dhonveli@cinnamonhotels.com

Auckland | Pullman Hotel

So our friend’s boyfriend got a hotel accommodation around the city. My friend asked him if she could bring us to stay for a while, chill and swim ūüôā The real plan is that we should go to her bf’s house to have a barbeque but we wanted to swim and enjoy for a moment.



Pullman’s Lobby is the best. I love the color combination, the ambiance and the over-all look. It is so attractive to guests. Their lobby is only small that can accommodate only few people.¬†Pullman’s check-in process was hassle free. They let us in without a passport. Yes they are accepting any kind of Identification Cards unless it is valid. ¬†After checking in we first enjoyed the hotels’ intricate design and ambiance.



Pullman Hotel in Auckland is a 5 star hotel. The room that we got is only standard.¬†They got a mini bar inside the room, free vault, free coffee and tea amenities, towels and bathrobe. Hotels in New Zealand don’t have free WI-FI, yes you heard it right. Only few hotels will have free wifi, some will offer you 1GB and the rest will let you pay $6 for 30 minutes.

P.S. New Zealand please improve your WI-FI facilities because later on you will have a lots of complain.

Hindi pwedeng hindi ko icompare, masakit magbayad ng ganung amount for WI-FI lang.



RATES: $229 NZD ++


  • Telephone: (+64)9/3531000
  • Fax: (+64)9/3531002
  • Email: reservations@pullmanauckland.co.nz

LOCATION: Corner Waterloo Quadrant & Princess Street, 1010, Auckland, New Zealand