Maldives | Budget Travel and Itinerary on the Tropical Paradise

So a lot of our friends are asking us if how much did we totally spend in the luxurious Maldives. Some are saying they can’t travel there because its too expensive, some says they don’t have enough money because of the pricey accommodations! Hell no, you can search the net; there’s a lot of blog out there that can give you so much tips on how to save for your upcoming vacation without getting broke! This is based on our experience.

So basically we got the tour package from Holiday factory and I can say it is way cheaper. Inclusions in the package are Airfare, Hotel with breakfast, roundtrip hotel transfers and free ferry ride to Cinnamon Dhonveli. We will also give you our itinerary from our recent trip!

Note that this is from Dubai to Maldives.

Male City, Maldives

Dubai to Maldives

If you’re from Dubai, you can book a direct flight ticket via Fly Dubai but from Maldives to Dubai, you have to take a connecting flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka and from there straight to Dubai. Our travel agency was the one who booked our flight with their partner airline which is Fly Dubai.


Note that these expenses are on a sharing basis. Also, we went to Maldives 3 months ago, so some prices do change also. Our expenses if converted into pesos it will be roughly around 65,000 pesos for two people, very cheap indeed that’s 32,000 per person.


**This prices may vary from time to time. This expense is based on our personal experience. Prices for tours will also depend on the resort that you will visit.


**This itinerary is based on what we did on an actual day. You may do your personal itinerary if you want too.


Day 00 – 2 AM (Dubai time) Departure from Dubai to Male

Day 01 – 8 AM Arrived at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Male International Airport)

9 AM arrived at Hotel Lonuveli

10 AM checked in, take a bath, and rest for a while

11 AM lunch inside the hotel

12 PM took our Male City Tour (by the way the tour is only for 1 hour)

3 PM ferry ride back to Hulhumale

6 PM went out to search for a restaurant to eat

9 PM sleep


Day 02 – 9 AM to 5 PM Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort Day tour.

7 PM back to Hotel Lonuveli

8 PM dinner

11 PM waited for our friend who is coming to Maldives as well.

12 AM rest

** Please read our blog about our day tour at Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort
Resting like a boss
when le boyfriend knows how to get good shot…


Day 03 – 9 AM to 7 PM Yacht Cruising

We went to a snorkelling place using a yacht provided by our tour guide. The tour includes free snorkelling gear and buffet lunch prepared by our guides.

Day 04 – 8 AM departure from Male to Dubai


When you ask us again if we are going to Maldives again the answer is big yes. Definitely, Maldives is not only about luxury but it can be travel with a budget without getting broke. Maldives will definitely get a big place in our hearts.

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Maldives | Hotel Lonuveli

Welcome to Hotel Lonuveli. Are you planning your next summer vacation in Maldives and you don’t wanna spend a hefty price for your accommodation? Then I would recommend staying at Hotel Lonuveli in Hulhumale, Maldives.

Hulhumale Island is located just south of the North Male Atoll and is reclaimed island – it is man-made. The Hotel Lonuveli is located on this beautiful island, which is 20-minute ferry ride from the bustling city capital of Male.

The hotel itself is not that grandiose or expensive-looking. It is a typical two-star bed and breakfast hotel with a nice and cozy beachfront ambiance. And most of all it is affordable! A standard room for two persons costs a hundred dollars per night (excluding fees and taxes).


They serve a simple buffet breakfast which you can eat outside or inside the hotel. The black Ceylon tea is very good! You can also order meals if you wish so (their Nasi Goreng is terrific!).



The rooms itself were quite small but clean. The bathroom has no bath tub but it is good enough to have a refreshing cold shower (since they don’t have a water heater). They also have free TV and internet wifi connection. Awesome!


The people and the staff are so nice and courteous. You can also ask them to arrange a taxi for your transportation, and the from hotel-to-airport and vice versa transfer is free.

Overall, Hotel Lonuveli is really cool, quiet and good place to live in while you are enjoying your vacation in Maldives. We hope to see you soon there someday!

Planning to go to Hotel Lonuveli, here are the contact details:


LOCATION: Hulhumale Island, Beach Road

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 335 0097/ +960 999 9277


Maldives | Cinnamon Dhonveli

Cinnamon Dhonveli – The best Maldivian Resort tour for your family

Planning on having a tropical summer vacation for you and your family? Why not try the place where the best water bungalows are located? Yep! You guessed it right – It’s Maldives! But oh, before you hit the web and search for cheap water bungalow hotel and resort, we’ve already got you covered.


We went to Maldives for just a four-day tour and was able to explore the beautiful sights this 1,190-island country.  Our favorite of course is having a day tour in Cinnamon Dhonveli resort. The tour is way cheaper than other island resorts but it gives the same unique feeling of an excellent Maldivian vacation.


Upon arriving in the resort, we were greeted by locals and expatriate workers with a smile (and a hot towel and cold juice drink). We were given green arm tags that cannot be removed unless you cut by scissors. Don’t lose this one as this what you will use to enable you to roam around and use their amenities.

You don’t need to book in one of their water bungalows or suites, but by just paying USD 45.00, you will be able to experience all the resort has to offer. (Note: USD 45.00 only includes island transfer, lunch buffet, unlimited refilling of water plus amenities, it does not include specific activities like snorkelling, kayaking and pedal boat).cinnamon-dhonveli-lifestyle


Dhonveli, the Maldivian word for “white sand”, is where the resort got its name – and truly lives upto its promise! A long coastline of white sand beach and crystal clear waters will truly excite you for a swim. The cottages and swimming towels are free and the best part is that you can relax here until 5:00 in the afternoon if you are on a day tour and can be extended by paying a few bucks. The shower rooms are also clean and yes, towels are again available on their Visitors Lounge or what we call changing room.


The resort has a lot of activities like scuba diving, water sports, snorkeling and a lot more. But what I like here is that you can take free pictures of their water bungalows and suites, what more did you come for in Maldives without posting your picture of these magnificent attraction in social media, right?


The famous water bungalow



Also, one of the good things I like was their sumptuous buffet that is a mix South Asian, European and local Maldivian cuisine. Believe me, it was the best thing in the whole tour!

You will never feel how time flies when you’re in the resort and before we knew it, it’s time to go home! It was truly a very rewarding experience to be able to explore Cinnamon Dhonveli. I really recommend this resort for families who wants to travel on a budget in Maldives, you will never go wrong  with your choice!

Planning to go to Cinnamon, here are the contact details:


LOCATION: North Male Atoll, Republic of Maldives

CONTACT NUMBERS: +960 664 0055/ +960 664 0066