Queenstown | Eichardt’s Private Hotel

Eichardt’s Bar with its comfortable sofas, cosy fireplace and quality service provides mouth-watering foods and cocktails. EPH was established since 1867 in the heart of Queenstown. This hotel is a member of the small luxurious hotels in the world.


Eichardt’s Private Hotel accepts walk-ins guests for their restaurant. The restaurant itself is only small and only tapas are served which means they only have small portions or servings on food.eph-3


When entering the hotel and bar you will see the elegant and classy service they are offering. We walk-in inside the bar which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails but only in tapas servings.



Queenstown is known for its snowy and cold weather, this hotel offers a fireplace to warm your body while eating. Sounds cool right?



This hotel is not only known for its classy service but also offers class dining. From the cutleries to the ambiance, service, and even the decorations are really worth every penny.


While roaming around the lobby and reading newspapers I did not even notice that our food is ready to serve. By the way, we came here around 7 PM. No booking required. Eichardt’s Bar has won numerous awards and features an outstanding wine list and ever-changing tapas menu.



this is not burnt okay? I forgot the name of the food..


eph-14 eph-15


For bookings and reservations please do see the details of the hotel below:

Address: 2 Marine Parade, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand

Phone Number: +64 3 441 0450

Email Address: stay@eichardts.com


Flame Bar & Grill | Queenstown, New Zealand

Flame is located in the heart of downtown Queenstown where the adventure capital of the world lies. With a chic, funky interior and a buzzing atmosphere, this is a firm favorite of all tourist and Queenstown diners. Flame is a bar and grill restaurant with a unique style of South-Africa.



With the buzzing adventure in Queenstown, who would not want a good and heavy meal after every adventure, right?! Flame can be jam-packed during the winter season so better make early reservations with them. We originally want to dine only at Eichardt’s but since we only ate tapas and we are not yet quite full at the moment we agreed to try Flames. We called their number to make a reservation since we already knew it will be full, and viola we almost waited for 1 hour for us to be accommodated.

So as we are planning our food to order, we saw this page inside the menu book and we discussed our preference on how do we like our steak cooked. Yes steak can be a little bit tricky to cook and to tell you honestly well done is not good, it is already destroyed!


The owner of the bar and grill has created something casual, intimate, a sexy bar and with an open kitchen. Flames got a wide selection of cocktails with a balcony overlooking the Lake Wakatipu.





So we finally decided to try their Flaming Ribs, the Full Rack which includes huge rack of pork ribs. The second one flame mixed grill which includes ribs, sirloin steak, peri-peri chicken, and boerewors sausage.




Who will forget their famous ribs in a huge platter? Yes, it is one big pork ribs and no you cannot finish it all by yourself, you need to call a friend.



For reservations and booking please see the details below:

Address: Upstairs 61 Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand

Phone Numbers: +64 3 409 2342/ 027 349 4469

Queenstown | Fergburger

Want to try something different when you go the Southern part of New Zealand?! This burger shop is not just your ordinary burger store. There is something different about this store that people who come and visit Queenstown are patiently waiting and queuing for almost an hour just to taste this heaven burger.

Note: They don’t have any other store, yes they only have one store which is located in Queenstown.


Ferburger started in 200o as “HOLE IN THE WALL” burger joint. Its location was weird, in dark and ignominious cow lane. There was virtually nothing back in those days drunk people had begun eating their own clothes and also scrap firewood left on the road. Ferg became distressed when he saw this. He stood on the skyline mountain and decreed: “Let there be burgers for the people to eat when they are drunk to hell”.


This site became very well known and despite the odd scuffle and many ‘chips for tits’ moment’s life became much better for the burger-loving people of Queenstown. In fact, FERG and his people came to love the people right back. This love was shown in ferg’s desire to make lovely juicy burgers for the people.


Ferburger almost has 30 different types of burgers on their menu. Some of them are the typical hamburgers, they also have exotic variations such as lamb burger, cod burger, falafel burger and a venison burger.



We ordered the famous Ferburger which costs $11.50 (this was 2013). The burger is so huge that a normal eater can’t even finish it. The ingredients inside the burger were New Zealand’s prime beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, aioli and tomato relish.



Our order was given to us in a span of 15 minutes. We also queued  for almost 15-20 minutes and it is worth the wait. The burger shop is open 21 hours in a day and operates 7 days.

Are you planning on visiting Queenstown, New Zealand?! Don’t forget to drop by the famous Fergburger. Here are the details that may help you

ADDRESS: 42 Shootover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

PHONE NUMBER: +64 3-441 1232 / +64 3-441 3528

EMAIL ADDRESS: admin@ferburger.com

Queenstown | Captain’s Restaurant

Superb dining! After we made all our orders, we waited for about 10-15 minutes then our food was up one by one. When the moment our two friends ate their food, man there was no sound to hear on our table. This restaurant is the top 1 in Queenstown if you want to dine. They were awarded several times and winning the best seafood restaurant, and for their steaks.

Dining at Captains is totally terrific. I will definitely go back if I have the chance. After all, that to do after a nice adventure right?! Your travel will not be happy if your tummy is not full.



Mussels, this food was heavenly! For me not only HEAVEN but it is TO DIE FOR! You can taste the freshness of the mussels and the broth of it was soaked in wine before it was cooked (food critic lang eh?)


Seafood chowder (ahem) I know I am biased in terms of food because seafood is my weakness in life. Their seafood chowder is also heaven. It has a lot of seafood, but the taste of the chowder was cooked perfectly. I have tasted a lot of seafood chowder, but this one is the best. I want to order more!

Salmon, I ordered this because I don’t want any kind of meat that night. The crunchiness of the skin of the salmon was perfectly cooked. The dish was not too dry or not too much sauce. The salmon was cooked right!



The calamari, the salad combination with salt and pepper was okay. Only because the salt did overpowered some of the herbs an spices that were put on it.




Steak, okay, so the overall presentation was good! I did get the chance to taste it! The meat was soft and was cooked well. As usual, my flatmate wanted it WELL DONE 😛



After eating, we went for a walk. I’ll give this a thumbs up. Queenstown is awesome! Nice food, nice place and nice attractions. For bookings and reservations please refer to the details below:

Address: 11 The Mall Queenstown, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 3 441 1633

Email Address: info@captains.co.nz

Website: http://www.captains.co.nz/

Queenstown | The Pure Gold of Arrowtown

Is a “must visit”. Tucked away at the end of a valley, Arrowtown is known for its tranquility and charm. It is the perfect alternative to its busier neighbour Queenstown. The tree-lined avenues are not only picturesque, but also serve to frame the town’s history. The town has managed to retain many of its heritage buildings.arrowtown-2

The former gold mining town of Arrowtown is a living, historic holiday destination. Spectacular scenery and a tranquil atmospheric attract visitors.


Food has a special focus in Arrowtown from fine dining to international cuisine, name it and they will give it to you. You just have to be patient in finding the best food for your taste buds.

Jonesy’s Cafe and Bar is a stylish and spacious cafe. The outdoor eating area is a suntrap with umbrellas for shade.




So before the food was served to us, I went somewhere down the road. Hahaha! Yes, I went down alone to know about this Arrowtown’s history and why it became Pure Gold.


Pure Gold, because it is used to be a mining town way back 1950. And it is 150 years old already since the discovery of Gold. After a few minutes I came back and the food is not yet served. I’m so hungry but the food was served like 15 minutes later but it was worth the wait. Our food in order; Venison Hot Pot, Lamb Shanks, Pork Ribs, Steak (NZ is best for their Premium steak), Caesar’s Salad






A good dining experience will always be given a thumbs up. Arrowtown is the best place to be. A quiet place but will never run out of good and unique cuisine. If you are visiting Queenstown, why not visit Arrowtown? It is just 15-20 minutes away from the airport and 20-25 minutes from the cit of Queenstown.

Auckland | Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour is located in the heart of Auckland and it is where the city meets the ocean. It is also good for people who love to jog, to chill and have a laid back kind of day. This Harbour also offers oceanfront dining, cool nightlife,  luxury hotels, maritime museum and also destination cruising like Waiheke Island. Viaduct is also the home of many private yachts.





From the harbour itself you can take a glimpse of the famous Tower in Auckland which is the Sky City Tower.
Fullers sea flyte is one among the many other ferries transporting a passenger going to Waiheke Island.
LOCATION: 16 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
PHONE: +64 9-373 4141