Le Meridien | Fujairah

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a rare sight to see and a majestic place to behold. Located in the emirate of Fujairah in the UAE, this wonderful family get-away hotel and resort is such a spectacular work of architecture with a panoramic view overlooking the Gulf of Oman and the rocky Al Hajar Mountains as its backdrop.


Last February 2017, my husband and I decided to spend our precious vacation to discover the beauty of the northern emirates in the UAE. Through the help of other blogs and travel websites, we came across a discount voucher for a 2-night stay at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. We were hesitant at first due to the location of the hotel as it is very far from the capital city of Abu Dhabi which I am currently residing. The hotel itself will take 4 hours to reach via public transportation although we, later on, discovered that they have a shuttle coming from Dubai.

But as the saying goes, the most beautiful places are the ones that are hardest to reach, we took a decision to try the resort. We took off from the RTA Buses located in Union Square bus station in Dubai. The ticket costs 25 dirhams for a one-way trip. The ride from Dubai to Fujairah’s city centre lasted for 2 hours, from that point, we took a taxi (which was colored in apple green ūüôā ) and paid around 80 dirhams for the one-hour trip going to Le Meridien. It was a good thing that the cab driver knew the way going there as some of the drivers, he said, were not very familiar with the place.


As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with warm welcomes from the friendly hotel staff plus a couple of free drinks and a hot towel. It was also a great blessing that one of the receptionists who assisted us was a Filipina and she upgraded our room so that we can experience one with a balcony. The amazing view of the pool and the beach in itself is worth the trouble of getting into the place. It was really fun to see the beauty of the resort’s pool and cottages near the beach. After we have unpacked our things and rested for a while, spent the rest of the day taking photos of the hotel and its surroundings.


readers nook inside the hotel. Best for me time.


For our first night, we ordered ala carte meals in the hotel’s restaurant. There are also other dining places inside the hotel. It was in this hotel that I have tasted the best lamb chops I’ve had in my entire life. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also served in the restaurant. The morning breakfast buffet consisted of international cuisines, and for those who love pork, the resto serves fried bacon for your dining pleasure.

the best lamb chops
the best lamb chops

On our 2nd day in the resort, we tried swam in the beach and enjoyed the warm and cloudy weather while watching the seabirds dive into the ocean to catch their preys. The waves were also fun to slide with. Afterwards, we found ourselves swimming in the resort’s pool which was very clean and pristine. Swimming towels are free and there are lifeguards deployed near the pools and beach.


The resort also boasts of different kinds of activities like table tennis and chess and others are children games like the snakes and ladders. The hotel is also surrounded by other resorts like Rotana.

snakes and ladders
snakes and ladders


who missed this childhood game?
who missed this childhood game?

On the day of our departure, the hotel allowed us to stay in the premises even after we have checked out so we can join the free shuttle going to Fujairah’s city centre (though they only have limited timings for this). The bus came around 4 pm in the afternoon and dropped us in the Fujairah City Centre mall. The RTA bus stop is near at the back of the mall just beside the police headquarters. At that time we did not find it; that’s why we took a cab again and brought us to the first bus stop which the RTA buses drop off and pick up passengers. It was another 2-hour ride going back to Dubai.

The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a wonderful family-oriented place which captivates vacationers thru its perfect location away from the busy cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. It was a really a magical trip going here and I can’t wait to come back again.


Bab Al Yam, The Luxury Buffet | Dubai

Burj Al Arab means Tower of the Arabs in English. It is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This building stands on an artificial island and it is connected to Jumeirah beach.


Every people I think have their own comfort zone. For me, my comfort place was Bab Al Yam of Burj Al Arab. I don’t know what’s in their food but I’m already addicted. Not only that I have the discount to say it is my comfort place but because it gives me so much joy to see people happy whenever they are entering this golden hotel. I also love how they put all different kinds of cuisine on the menu, be it a salad, a selection of cheese, dessert, and ICE CREAM (we do always scream for this one right?) and a lot more.


Even the simplest detail of the event, they will make sure that you will go home happy and have a memorable one. Bab Al Yam suits every occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries and to proposing a marriage to your loved one (yes they can arrange it for you).

Here is our few reasons why we love Bab Al Yam:


Being located in Burj Al Arab you will say that it will be expensive. To my point of view, if you are earning a pretty decent salary here in Dubai you will actually afford to dine in Bab Al Yam.


The staff are just so caring, bubbly, kind and entertaining. Right from the start, they will give you a quick glance of the buffet section before seating and it is actually a good one. They will also ask you from time to time if the food is okay, what else do you need and what else do you want. They will also change your cutleries often.



Food in Bab Al Yam always changes. I love going here at lunch time because you will see the beauty of the hotel. It is also relaxing to see the water with a nice view. Food choices here is a lot. When I say a lot I really mean it. My favorite of their food is the Rib Eye Steak.


Dining in Bab Al Yam never gets so boring because of the relaxing waves of the ocean. With its nice ambience, nice interiors and a good view of the beach you will definitely enjoy your food even more.




Have I told you that they offer wines that you can’t find in any other store? You will also love how they do their smoothies to set your standards of living a healthy life while on vacation. From white wines to red and even the delicious champagnes.

Healthy smoothies = Kiwi + Mango + Strawberry


Imagine not seeing your favorite mash potato on the menu and yet you still crave for it, so the thing is you can ask the chef to do it for you and they will really do it. They will really attend to your needs and wants. Ask them and they will do it just for you.

Bab Al Yam is now my favorite buffet on my list. From its fresh bread, salads, and a wide range of healthy smoothies and add the staff which will make it more hassle-free. Come and reserve your lunch so you will know why it holds my heart dearly.


Views Restaurant | Le Meridien, Fujairah

So sorry for updating this blog just now. I have been busy with form signing for Burj Al Arab lately and include this busy schedule at work and kitchen training. Superwoman!

Le Meridien is far from the city of Fujairah but it will be all worth the travel hours. Located at ground floor of Le Meridien Al Aqah, views will give you wide array of choices from Western, Indian, Arabic and European. Views restaurant is not just your ordinary fine dining to-go place. It is a combination of fine dining and buffet rolled into one. You heard it correctly, you can do buffet or choose a la carte if you just wanted a simple and classy meal.


So hubby and I decided to try their A la Carte menu on the first day and ditch the normal buffet which people going crazy about. The staff here is really friendly and have a nice service.

On the first-night hubby ordered Lamb Chops. This is a prime Australian lamb chops with roasted potatoes, spring vegetables and mint crumbs. This dish is to die for. For meat lovers like the both of us, we really preferred our meat “medium rare” because we wanted to preserve the juiciness and aroma of the meat. Back to business, their lamb is soft, perfect with a nice choice of red wine, and it is juicy. The potatoes and asparagus are the perfect combinations of the meat.

You tell me that it’s really medium rare.

So I ordered salmon steak which includes wilted baby spinach, spring vegetables, and fennel safron nage. I don’t know what’s with salmon that it is my favourite till now. Their salmon steak is cooked to perfection and it compliments with the safron sauce and that asparagus is soft and chewy. Overall I love this the most.

Who would not love this food?

We also tried other foods like this Oriental Mixed Grill which includes lamb chops, lamb kebab and kofta. It was okay, I like the lamb chops and lamb kebab. The combination of lamb chips and kebab is good but hope they will remove the kofta and replace a new one. Maybe I’m just a little bias with the lamb chops!

Bucatini “Puttanesca” style with prawn is love. I love how they cook the pasta just the perfect way. Ingredients include roasted garlic prawns, olives, capers, chillies, anchovies, tomatoes, extra olive oil, white wine, and fresh herbs. The only thing I don’t like is that they put a lot of chillies. Overall it was excellent. They did not control the number of pawns (yes I counted it all and it is 8 in total).


Sea Bass includes pan seared sea bass, wilted fennel, roasted potatoes, olives, and tomatoes. Imagine how they can turn a simple dish to elegant one?! Real food lovers will understand how plating will do its work when serving it to the guest.


COD Fish and Chips is the normal fries and fish that you get from outside, but what makes it different from the other restaurants offering it is that they cooked it perfectly and you cannot taste oil too much in it.


Before leaving you with this wonderful foods, we also tried their signature eclairs given by the Marketing Manager of Le Meridien themselves.

For more information and other food offerings, you may contact them with the details below:

Telephone Nos.: 09 2444514 / 09 244 9000
Website: http://www.lemeridien-alaqah.com/


The Secret Sauce Restaurant | Abu Dhabi

When hubby and I was walking down the road and searching for a restaurant that will sustain our hungry stomach this restaurant caught my attention. It was just small my first thought when we are searching for a nice place to eat. who would have imagined that we ended up eating inside?


Secret Sauce Restaurant has this chic vibes and a modern style. The interiors are based on the type of food they are offering. On the other hand, I judged it because it was too small, little did I know they have an underground seating. The interiors were styled properly and had captured me instantly. The theme is like you are eating under the sea.¬†Now, who don’t want to eat in a restaurant like this? Cosy place, good food, nice ambiance and good staff! Worth instagrammable right?

img_20170210_205221 img_20170210_205212 img_20170210_205158

True to its motto “you will come hungry but you will leave happy”. They served nut just your ordinary Filo dish but they twisted it.


So hubby and I ordered two dishes but it is good for three persons. We tried their “Bouillabaisse” which is a soup. It is a light cream based soup served with bread. This dish was my favourite so far, with its creamy tastes and a lot of seafood in it. Definitely, will go back and try it again.


Second, we ordered, “Mixed Seafood Sisig” which is our main dish for the night. It comes with marinated mixed seafood seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. This comes with the egg on top and you need to mix it with the food while your sisig is still hot. We paired this with plain rice. The rice ruined it, we don’t like how they cooked it but overall a nice place to dine.


And now this food is good for a maximum of 3 people but hubby and I was very hungry that we finished it all.


The menu is up to date. We visited the restaurant February 10, 2017. There’s a lot of choices to choose from, the only problem is to pick what you really wanted for they offer good food.


Also, try it with your friends, they also offer feasts which are good for 3-10 people.

Bill for 2 persons: 61 AED

Mixed Seafood Sisig – 30 AED
Bouillabaisse – 20 AED
2 Plain Rice – 6 AED
1 Big water – 5 AED

How to get there:
-if you are coming from Al Wahda Mall just take a taxi, this is the easiest way (sorry I’m not from Abu Dhabi)

-just ask for google maps for help, since we just figured this out by just walking around the place



Opposite Bank Of Sharjah, Near Emirates Plaza Hotel, 3rd Street, Tourist Club Area (Al Zahiyah), Abu Dhabi

Phone Numbers:
02 6712939

Yellow Cab | Al Satwa, Dubai

The style of this restaurant is that they will give you the menu but you need to go to the cashier area to order your food. No one will take your order from your table itself. Plus points for them because they hired a person who is not talking so you need to use a sign language for her. Yellow Cab is known for their pizza.


It has been a while since I craved for pizza. I know I’m not really a lover of this food but when you know you need to try it, at least once and for all it will be damn good! Funny how in my entire years of existence I have never tried Yello Cab in the Philippines. Sounds really funny but yes this is true. So I and my friends went out and dine at Yellow Cab located in Al Satwa, Dubai.


-from Noor Bank take the red station going to Rashidiya and after that, you need to go out at ADCB Metro Station and take the right exit and go down. From there you need to catch the 28 bus going to Dubai Mall. Note that you need to stop at Al Satwa Bus Station. From the station, you need to walk around 10-15 minutes.

So moving on we went there around quarter past 8 and we were very hungry to the point that we don’t know what to order and eat. They offer a lot of choices to choose from. For 3 persons we ordered 5 dishes. imagine that we are really hungry. So we ordered the following:

Hawaiian Pizza comes with the cheese, ham and pineapple. I like how the crust was made thin but the exemption is that pineapple can only be counted with your fingers (that much few) but the thing is you can pay an additional of 8 aed for extra pineapple and extra 8 aed fo extra cheese but we opted not to because we were on a tight budget.


Onion rings, for 9 dirhams it is quite a lot of servings. The only problem is that if you are not a vegetable lover you will definitely taste the onion itself. I think it is only coated once that’s why.


Charlie Chan this is the dish I loved the most among all the dishes that we ordered. It comes with nuts and chicken strips. We call this as pansit in the Philippines the only thing this food was cooked in oyster sauce. Oh, by the way, this dish is spicy.


Buffalo Wing’s chicken cutlets that were tossed with specific sauce and added with some spiciness. I like the outside of their buffalo wings because you can smell the aroma of the chicken itself. It was also juicy and crispy yet there is a major problem. It was undercooked! You can see some blood on the chicken. Maybe they cooked the chicken while the oil is still cold but overall the appearance and taste are good.


Spaghetti Meatballs is okay. Just a little bit of note that this is cooked the Italian way so if you are looking for some sweet spaghetti then don’t try to order this food. The tomato sauce and the garlic overpowered the taste of the spaghetti itself. They put too much tomato sauce in it that’s why we did not also finish it. This is also the reason why I did not get any photo of it. Hahahaha. Just kidding!

Bill for 3 persons: 56 AED/ per person

Charlie Chan – 26 AED
Hawaiian Pizza 14″ – 52 AED
Spaghetti Meatballs – 27 AED
3 Iced Tea – 9 AED/ glass
Hot Wings 6 pieces – 29 AED
Onion Rings – 9 AED

For some bookings and reservations, you can check their details below.

Telephone Numbers: 04 345 6785
Address: Shop 12, MAT Khoory Building, Al Bada Street, Satwa, Dubai
Note: This post was not paid by the Yellow Cab. All posts were paid by Piggybear Travels.

Never too Old for Disneyland | Hongkong

Hongkong, Disneyland

Disneyland, one of the best theme parks in the universe is really never too old for everybody. It was only a dream for me to step my very feet on the entrance (yes, this is true). I can imagine myself saying just only the entrance and I’m all good. Being one of the top tourist destination in Asia, Hong Kong definitely has a lot to offer, from their authentic Chinese cuisine, theme parks and a lot more.


So we went to Hong Kong together with my Aunt. We got the tour package at Shadows Travel and Tours. This package includes hotel flight, airfare, tours, and the ever famous Disneyland. Just in time for the parade, we sat in front of the bakery store to secure our beautiful view for the show even the heat will never stop us. The parade includes all the characters of the Disney from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, the famous Princesses and a lot more.

Flights of Fantasy

Before trying the rides, we finished the parade first. Watching them is really enticing in the eyes. Lots of talented people who bared to do it under the scourging heat of the sun for the sake of performance. We enjoyed, literally and figuratively speaking! Indeed it is the happiest place on earth. After enjoying the parade, we went to try the different attractions this Disneyland has to offer. Everyone is asking us if we really tried the rides, of course, we did! Not even a single roller coaster is missed but due to lack of time only a limited number of rides was tried.


This type of ride is a slow one. Kids will definitely enjoy what’s inside of this castle. Along with the children singing the song “It’s a small world after all”, you will also get to experience how to be a kid again.

It is really a small world
It is really a small world

The slow motions ride for kids was not being escaped from our adventurous side. Orbitron is a ride for all ages and suitable for any heights. Even the thrilling roller coaster was been tried! There are a lot of rides to choose from, you only have to set your time management skills so you can do it all. Mind you that we went inside the park around 11 AM already so it is quite late already.

Hong Kong Disneyland is really one hell of a ride. From the show to the rides and to the spectacular fireworks before the park closes at night.  The fireworks will last for 15 minutes and you will only be amazed at how they put it all together.When watching the fireworks make sure to be there at least 15 minutes before the show for there will be a huge crowd waiting for it. This is the one thing we took for granted. We were enjoying with the roller coasters but forgot to take a god spot for the fireworks. After the fireworks, the shuttle already picked us up and drop us in our hotel.



Price for the Disneyland tickets may vary. You can check their website here. Guests 18 years old and below must have their guardians or parents with them.

Note: This post was not paid by the Disneyland. All articles written are being paid by us.


Signature Hotel, Al Barsha | Dubai

Hubby and I don’t know what we love about staying in hotels. Yes, we do love staycation. Staying in a hotel for a night! Talk about splurging but it is not (thanks to Groupon for the very good discounts).

Every hotel got its own unique attributes and qualities just like a person. Signature Hotel is a 4-star hotel. Signature Hotel offers an outdoor pool, gym and different dining outlets. Located in between Mall of the Emirates metro station and Sharaf DG metro station (more or less 5 minutes walking distance to both stations).

Smooth check-in was given to me by the reception when we handed our IDS.


So after giving us our room key, we headed to the 6th floor (requested upper floor by the way). Rooms in Signature hotel is quite big. Shower room and washroom are separated from each other and in the middle of it is the wash basin.

Huge king bed

So after checking on our room, we are totally knocked down and just sleep. With this kind of bed, everyone will fall in love with it.



The wash basin is just typical. They put all the amenities in one place because it will not fit inside the shower room. It comes with face towels, hand towels, bathroom amenities except for dental kit (so you need to call the housekeeping or the reception for your dental kits).



So the shower room comes with a blind (this is applicable for couples only) that you can pull up if you wish too.


For bookings or reservation please see the details below:

Email Address: Booking@SignatureHotel-Dubai.com
Telephone Numbers: +971 (0) 4399 9944


This post is not paid by the hotel. All travels and staycation was paid by Piggybear Traves their self.

Aspen by Kempinski | Dubai

It is 8 PM already and I almost forgot that we have a dinner reserved for tonight. It is set to be at 8:30 but here I am still at my workplace waiting for the taxi because unfortunately, it is traffic. Yes, we do have traffic here in Middle of East as well.

So this voucher that I got was given during our annual staff party. I don’t know that I can win in the raffle draw. The voucher is set to expire on February and we agreed to use it on our first wedding monthsary.

Aspen is the luxury lobby lounge of Kempinski. It is mainly popular to its afternoon teas and they offer 20 varieties of Tchaba tea. Aspen also offers 24 hours all day dining from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and scrumptious dinner. When we went there we are already prepared on what to order. Talk about food lovers! So when we are ready Ryan introduce himself and ask us if we wanted to try the soup or appetizers first before getting the main course. Even the service is  luxury.


As we entered the lobby of the hotel we went directly to the restaurant. Aspen with its luxurious interiors, friendly staff and warm hospitality will feel you at home. So after directing us to our table, we were given an Ipad for us to order our menu. Tell me what is luxury all about. The tip is you need to put your orders in the Shortlist or what you call cart in online shopping.


After ordering, we only waited about 5 minutes for our soup. We ordered Lobster Bisque with lobster medallion and brioche as the ingredients. This soup is good for two persons. You will love the taste (there’s this taste of crab and shrimp in the soup), the texture and even the presentation. This soup comes with a basket of baguet and bread paired with butter.

Lobster Bisque
Basket of bread and baguet

After our soup hubby and I agreed that they need to serve our main course already. We had our own choices, though! So hubby ordered, “Our Signature Wagyu Beef Cheek” with saffron risotto and pine seeds.

Note: The beef was marinated in red wine. A friendly reminder for the people not drinking any alcohol.


So I ordered my favourite salmon which is “Pan fried salmon fillet” with baby potatoes, mini onions, spinach and lemon-honey sauce which gives you the sweet and a little bit of sourness yet it is very delicious.


As a bonus, they gave us welcome drinks. We are blessed beyond words. Imagine giving away two drinks for hubby and I. So we ordered brain freeze (which hubby did not like because it is too sweet for his taste) and berry yogurt.


Brain Freeze. Ingredients are nutella, vanilla, powdered milk and topped with whipped cream and chocolate cookie!


Berry Yogurt. Ingredients are berries, banana and yogurt! This one is healthy!

Ryan, our server for tonight did a remarkable job. He was so hands on and very patient with us. So moving on, Ryan made us feel welcomed and really elucidated to us the ingredients of our food.

For more details or bookings:

Email: restaurants.malloftheemirates@kempinski.com

Telephone: +971 4 409 5999

45 Years of History | Dubai Museum

Dubai the luxury country. Who else don’t want to come to the country that is full of historical places and so much more. We taught that it is only about its big branded malls but when you look on the past of this country you will be amazed on how it has been developed through the years.


  • If you are coming from the red metro station just drop off at Union Metro Station and hop onto the green line and take the Creek platform from there you need to take the train and drop off at Al Fahidi Metro Station. From that station take the exit 2 and take the taxi going to Dubai Museum.
  • If you are coming from the red metro station just drop off at Burjuman Metro Station (this will be the nearest) and hop onto the green line and take the Etisalat platform from there you need to take the train and drop off at Al Fahidi Metro Station (only 1 station away). From that station take the exit 2 and take the taxi going to Dubai Museum.

Note: If you wish to walk it will be around 15-20 minutes from the Metro Station.

The museum was built around 1700 and it is called the Al Fahidi Fort and was built to defend Dubai against people invading it. It was restored around 1993 and now home to its new name the Dubai Museum.

We never thought that Dubai will be transforming into one hell of a luxury country. Mainly its culture is still adopted in the present but of course who have taught that after 45 years they will boom into one of a kind. It made possible because of their Presidents and other rulers.

¬†img_0932Inside the Museum you will see this photo. They have put all the things which were being done in the past generations. Really Dubai, in general, has a lot to offer not only the luxury things but also they’re historical background will give you a lot of insights and learnings. So let me introduce you to the ancient times of Dubai.


Fintas or water tank in English.  In the old days this is where they store their water.


Al Banoush a boat used in transporting people


Al Abra or Abra is still used in the present times of Dubai. It is also used before in transporting people from the two side of the Creek.


Dawar Shami is an old tool that was used in pulling boats out of the sea.


The old setting of houses in Dubai, just like in the Philippines. Isn’t it wonderful to see some cultures look alike with ours?


Traditional gatherings of local people. Sisha and dates anyone?


This is what the carpenter shops look like in the old days. It is really interesting to see how our present generations used some technology for carpenting stuff.


This is polisher and blacksmith’s shop. By 1950’s there are only 5(five) blacksmiths shops on the Creek side in Deira. ¬†Blacksmiths practice is one of the oldest crafts in the region.


Education started in the Emirates with the opening of elementary schools (Al Katateeb). These were closely linked with religious feelings and beliefs. Studies were divided into two sessions, morning and afternoons, and the children sat on the ground with their teacher and learn the Quran by heart.

Dubai Museum is open from Saturday – Thursday from 8:30 am until 10:30 PM and Fridays from 2:30 PM until 10:30 PM. The entrance fee will cost you 3 AED for adults and 1 AED for children under age 6. If you really wanted to know more about the old Dubai you can get a Tour Guide for free.

Seafood Night at Saffron | Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Have you ever been dreamed of living in a country full of luxury? It’s been a year since I step my foot here in UAE. No other thoughts came to me except the word dessert. Dubai is the dream country of many, especially for its luxurious brands, gold ATM and a lot more. UAE more particularly is home to many jaw-dropping buildings, luxury cars, golds, and hotels.


Atlantis, The Palm is one of them. This hotel is not just ordinary, it is home to the celebrity restaurants like Nobu by Chef Nobu, Ronda Locatelli by Chef Locatelli, and Bread Street Kitchen and Bar by Chef Gordon Ramsay himself. In reality, you will not run out of choices where to eat. There’s a lot of buffet restaurants to choose from, just be patient on booking for some will be fully booked on a specific date.


We dine at Saffron Restaurant where they have themed nights. We came Tuesday to try their “seafood night”. After roaming around the hotel we went already inside the restaurant for us to be seated. After having your seats the floor is yours already.

Once they got your drinks you can now get your food. Oops! Don’t go gaga over the buffet counter for you will find around 220 varieties of food to choose from Sushi Station, Grilled Station, Steak, Live Station, Dim sum, and a lot more. Yes, I am not mistaken they have a wide range of food choices. They got your dinner covered before you will ask for it. So let me start giving you some preview on the buffet areas.


The sashimi bar was okay, never loved sashimi in the first place though!


If you love noodles and Asian cuisine this place will never go wrong. From the colored noodles to the sauce and the spices. You will make your own choice for the sauce.


Dim Sum, who will never like this type of foods anyway? The number one appetizer that came from Chinese. They different varieties to choose from! Indeed you will never leave this place with an empty stomach.


Roast Duck my happy place! Yes, It’s my weakness. Who else does not want this food? Aside from the roast skin, the meat is really juicy and chewy! Who would have taught that I came back for another round?


Mainly it is all Asian from Chinese to Singaporean and now Vietnamese! Who would have taught that these cuisines are incredibly good in their own way? From the spices used and from the way it was cooked.  This Vietnamese cuisine is like the street food of Filipinos. Incredibly amazing and delicious.


For the meat lover, there’s one place that you will love. The steak station. In this station, there are three types of meat. I love the beef steak and paired with some green leafy vegetables on the side. The tenderness and how they cooked it to medium rare is just perfect and blended well with the salads. Funny how I can be a food critic!




Feeling like a kid? Well, try this dessert station. They have different kinds of dessert and of course, don’t forget to try the chocolate fountain loaded with different choices from marshmallows, candies and gummy bears and fruits too!