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Superb dining! After we made all our orders, we waited for about 10-15 minutes then our food was up one by one. When the moment our two friends ate their food, man there was no sound to hear on our table. This restaurant is the top 1 in Queenstown if you want to dine. They were awarded several times and winning the best seafood restaurant, and for their steaks.

Dining at Captains is totally terrific. I will definitely go back if I have the chance. After all, that to do after a nice adventure right?! Your travel will not be happy if your tummy is not full.



Mussels, this food was heavenly! For me not only HEAVEN but it is TO DIE FOR! You can taste the freshness of the mussels and the broth of it was soaked in wine before it was cooked (food critic lang eh?)


Seafood chowder (ahem) I know I am biased in terms of food because seafood is my weakness in life. Their seafood chowder is also heaven. It has a lot of seafood, but the taste of the chowder was cooked perfectly. I have tasted a lot of seafood chowder, but this one is the best. I want to order more!

Salmon, I ordered this because I don’t want any kind of meat that night. The crunchiness of the skin of the salmon was perfectly cooked. The dish was not too dry or not too much sauce. The salmon was cooked right!



The calamari, the salad combination with salt and pepper was okay. Only because the salt did overpowered some of the herbs an spices that were put on it.




Steak, okay, so the overall presentation was good! I did get the chance to taste it! The meat was soft and was cooked well. As usual, my flatmate wanted it WELL DONE 😛



After eating, we went for a walk. I’ll give this a thumbs up. Queenstown is awesome! Nice food, nice place and nice attractions. For bookings and reservations please refer to the details below:

Address: 11 The Mall Queenstown, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 3 441 1633

Email Address: info@captains.co.nz

Website: http://www.captains.co.nz/

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