Queenstown | The Pure Gold of Arrowtown

Is a “must visit”. Tucked away at the end of a valley, Arrowtown is known for its tranquility and charm. It is the perfect alternative to its busier neighbour Queenstown. The tree-lined avenues are not only picturesque, but also serve to frame the town’s history. The town has managed to retain many of its heritage buildings.arrowtown-2

The former gold mining town of Arrowtown is a living, historic holiday destination. Spectacular scenery and a tranquil atmospheric attract visitors.


Food has a special focus in Arrowtown from fine dining to international cuisine, name it and they will give it to you. You just have to be patient in finding the best food for your taste buds.

Jonesy’s Cafe and Bar is a stylish and spacious cafe. The outdoor eating area is a suntrap with umbrellas for shade.




So before the food was served to us, I went somewhere down the road. Hahaha! Yes, I went down alone to know about this Arrowtown’s history and why it became Pure Gold.


Pure Gold, because it is used to be a mining town way back 1950. And it is 150 years old already since the discovery of Gold. After a few minutes I came back and the food is not yet served. I’m so hungry but the food was served like 15 minutes later but it was worth the wait. Our food in order; Venison Hot Pot, Lamb Shanks, Pork Ribs, Steak (NZ is best for their Premium steak), Caesar’s Salad






A good dining experience will always be given a thumbs up. Arrowtown is the best place to be. A quiet place but will never run out of good and unique cuisine. If you are visiting Queenstown, why not visit Arrowtown? It is just 15-20 minutes away from the airport and 20-25 minutes from the cit of Queenstown.

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